We believe in a fair and equal society where all lesbian, gay, bi and trans people can achieve their full potential.

Every day of the year, our teams are working to make this vision a reality. To help structure our work, all of our principal activities fall into the following strategic goals:

  • Achieving Equality: We are making change happen by ensuring that LGBT people’s voices are heard and helping to make the world a more equal place for LGBT people
  • Encouraging Wellbeing: We work to increase confidence and reduce isolation amongst our communities, enabling people to flourish
  • Promoting Safety: We are helping people feel more confident and in control of their lives- LGBT people should feel safe and be safe, wherever they are

Our Impact last year

Despite the challenges of 2020 and 2021 we all faced, LGBT Foundation still went above and beyond to offer our help to service users in Greater Manchester and Beyond.

Read our Impact report in full here...

All this would not have been possible without the generous support of all our donors and funders. Every day we provide over 500 hours of lifesaving support and services. Demand for our support is growing, and we’re seeing more people in crisis than ever before. We need your help to continue providing these essential services for our communities and be here for every single LGBT person who needs us.

Annual Impact Reports