Information on our Reports and Accounts

In this section of our website, you can download our official Annual Reports and Accounts, or alternatively take a look at our Annual Reviews, (which we also refer to as our Impact Reports).

Each year we are required to produce official Annual Reports which need to be submitted to the Charities Commission and Companies House. This information is freely available from the Charity Commission website as well as further analysis for your information.

We also produce our Annual Reviews as a more 'community friendly' version of these reports. They include photos, quotes and people's stories and tell the story of the difference we are making.

Impact Reports

To read our most recent impact report for the 17/18 financial year, click here.

You can find our previous impact reports below.

2015 Annual Report

2013 Impact Report

2012 Impact Report

2011 Impact Report

2010 Impact Report

2009 Impact Report

2008 Annual Report

2006 Impact Report

2005 Impact Report