Free Condoms and Lube at your doorstep! 

Published: 03 July 2023
Last updated: 20 February 2024
our safer sex packs can be seen on the counter in a shop and the resources are being reviewed by a young trans masc person who is intently reading the information about the condoms and lube inside the packs

By using condoms and lube in the right way, you can enjoy safer and better sex effortlessly.

At LGBT Foundation, we provide all residents across Greater Manchester as well as Liverpool City Region with the option of ordering free condoms and lube with us.

Fill in the order form linked above and BOOM – we’ll send everything you need right to your doorstep without any cost. 

Although not 100% risk-free, by applying condoms, dental dams, and enough lube during sex, most STIs and HIV can be effectively prevented. With our safer sex pack which includes two condoms and two sachets of lube, we guarantee you plenty of supply for healthier and happier sex. 

Factors that may influence the effectiveness and comfortability of a condom during use:

  • Make sure the condoms you’re using are the right size for you. We’ve also got the latex-free option if you need it. 
  • Exploration matters! It’s always best for you to explore the best condom type that works for you, such as different flavours and shapes. At the same time, make sure the condom is stored away from sunlight and heat, while it’s not expired and has CE or Kitemark. 
  • Treat it with care! When using a condom, please open it gently so it’s not damaged. 
  • Our free condom delivery service will guarantee you an adequate supply so it’s a new one per use and per partner! 

How to make a dental dam 

It’s recommended to apply a condom before any sexual contact. When having oral sex, the proper use of a dental dam can prevent the spread of STIs such as herpes, genital warts, and HIV during oral sex. 

Follow our instructions to make a dental dam!

  • Open and unroll the condom
  • Cut off the top of the condom and down the side
  • Use the latex rectangle for protection during oral sex
  • Use your hands to place the dental dam over the area before putting your lips, mouth, or tongue there 
Close-up to condoms, lube and the Safer Sex Pack on a leather chair.

Things don’t always work well together, like oil-based lube with a condom (please use water- or silicone-based lube) or silicone-based lube with sex toys. 

Despite being highly effective, condoms cannot provide you with absolute protection. We recommend you get tested every three months if you have multiple sex partners and at least once a year if you’re in a stable one-to-one relationship.

If you think the protection you’re using does not work, please do not hesitate to look for help in your local sexual health clinic or A&E. You can get PEP, which can effectively stop the HIV, and it works within 72 hours of exposure. 

“Our condom and lube distribution scheme started in 1994, and we’ve been helping people have happier, healthier sex ever since. Every year we distribute over 90,000 packs free of charge.

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