Village Angels: Getting you home safe since 2011

Published: 03 July 2023
Last updated: 30 November 2023

Manchester’s Gay Village is iconic and it’s a vital part of our community, we’re proud to keep it safe!

Our Village Angels make sure that everyone gets to have a great night out and stay safe.

That’s the part our Village Angels play. They’re not there to ruin anyone’s fun, but to make sure that nothing else gets in the way of it.

At this point, their bright pink high-vis vests have become as iconic as the venues themselves, and we’re so proud of all the work they do to support members of our community when they need it the most.

If you ever find yourself needing support while you’re out in the Village, all you need to do is find an Angel.


Our Angels are a team made up of mostly volunteers, who are either members of the LGBTQ+ community themselves or visible allies. They come from all different backgrounds and professions and have so much experience between them. But the one thing that unites them is that they want to help our community stay safe.

The Angels have so many different skills, from first aid training to the ability to support in a mental health crisis, they’re trained in water safety, and even have the knowledge to act as Village tour guides if you’re a bit lost. Above all, they’re a friend when you need it and they’re always happy to help.


Anything can happen on a night out, and in the past few months, they’ve helped people with injuries, or who’ve suffered hate crime. They’ve supported people who’ve been spiked, and people who’ve had their phones stolen.

They’ve seen people who’ve been separated from their friends, and who couldn’t get home. They’ve even seen people who just got a little overwhelmed, either because of what was going on in their life or because of the bright lights and energy of the Village itself.

They’re there because you deserve a safe space to enjoy yourself and everyone deserves to celebrate queer joy. 

A group of village angels stand together smiling in the dark Manchester village street


They’re out every Friday and Saturday night until 3am around the Village – spot the bright pink high-vis – and they also have the Village Haven on Bloom Street.

The Angels are part of a huge community in the Village. They work with the emergency services, as well as Greater Manchester Combined Authority. They have great relationships with venues and can be contacted by door staff whenever they’re needed.  

It’s thanks to these connections that the Angels have helped over 350 people get home safely and interacted with over 10,000 people in the Village in the last six months. 

The Village Haven can be found on 45 Bloom Street every Friday and Saturday night, where you can go if you need some support from an Angel until 3am.

Three friends chatting and smiling around a bench in Sackville gardens.

The Village Angels can only continue to support our community because of the hard work of volunteers; if this is something you think you can be involved in please apply.

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