Our Problem

Despite how far we’ve come, LGBTQ+ people still face discrimination, oppression and hate every day. LGBTQ+-phobia limits access to general health services, is one of the reasons that our communities are more likely to experience issues of addiction and mental health, and leaves people feeling like they have nowhere to turn.

What We’re Doing

We’re a touchstone for our community to get the help they need without fear, judgment or discrimination. When people access any of our services they know that there will be a friendly, welcoming and accepting person to support them through the whole process.

Our work saves lives. You can find out about the services we provide below:

What Can You Do?

All of our services are free to access. We need donations from amazing people like you to ensure that we’re still here tomorrow for anyone who needs us.

When you make a donation, you become part of our LGBT Foundation community. Your positive act will help connect someone to life-saving support.

Two older gay and lesbian people in a garden, smiling behind plants.

You’re amazing, thank you

Any donation is a valuable one.

Whether it’s a one-off payment or a regular donation through a monthly plan – your support guarantees we can be there for LGBTQ+ people in need of support, now and always.

Interested in how we fundraise, or what happens to your donation? If you need anything from support with your fundraising to setting up a standing order, you can drop us an email and speak to one of the team.

Oh and don’t forget! If you’re an eligible UK taxpayer, add Gift Aid to boost your donation by 25% – everyone’s a winner.

Other ways to give

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