Published: 03 January 2024
Last updated: 09 January 2024
Our sexual health team and their volunteers stand on canal street with their freebies including condoms and lube using their ice cream tray mobile outreach, they're all holding identity based LGBTQ+ flag umbrellas.

free-to-book community outreach for events, community groups, organisations and venues

It is our mission to promote and open up conversations about sexual health and wellbeing. The Sexual Health Team appear at a wide variety of venues and events; from food banks, cabaret nights and libraries, to art exhibitions, saunas or Fresher’s Fairs – we’ll have a conversation anywhere!

Get in touch to book free outreach for your event or venue, or to recommend a location we should visit, somewhere near you. Take a look below to find out a bit more about what outreach can look like and offer.

Advice and signposting

Our knowledgeable and friendly team of staff and volunteers will be on hand to chat. 

We cover a large variety of sexual wellbeing topics, as well as being able to discuss LGBT Foundation’s wider service offer.

Stall staff can let you know about exciting events and groups that are coming up, as well as advise and recommend a range of services and support for LGBTQ+ people and their allies within and beyond sexual health.

Free resources

Our stalls are made up of a variety of guides and resources. 

You’ll be able to pick up information on topics like testing, HIV & U=U, safe chest binding, PrEP, syphilis and shigella as well as our famous Anal, Oral & Vaginal Sex Guides and much, much more!

If you’d like us to leave some with you for your own distribution, or request something particular, just let us know!

Condoms and Lube

All our stalls provide free condoms and lube! 

Each of our standard condom packs contain two regular latex condoms, 10 ml of water-based lube and a handy services guide. 

Did you know you can order condoms and lube from us, and we’ll deliver them for free, to your door? We have greater variety of styles and choices online too, check out our order form for more information!

Pleasure parade

Event a bit too crowded for a traditional stall, too loud for a proper chat? Meet the Pleasure Parade!

Armed with fairy lights, buckets and ‘ice cream trays’ bursting with sexual health goodies (and sweets for good measure) this is community engagement at its juiciest! 

Convenient for covering a larger outdoor area, or club venues with multiple floors, we have popped up at all kinds of events to champion safer and more pleasurable sex for everyone.

Home Testing Kits

We’re very excited to now be able to offer free home-testing kits from our outreach stalls*. 

These HIV & STI screening kits can be picked up from the stall staff. We have a quick chat about if the service is right for you, fill in a form and the test is yours to take away with you! Postage is pre-paid, so all you need to do is follow the instructions in the box, and pop your samples in the post box to be sent to the lab.

*Please note this service is subject to eligibility and availability and will not be automatically provided on all stalls.

Our outreach options are free-to-book if you’re based in Greater Manchester.

Live in Greater Manchester or the city of Liverpool? We can come to your events!

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