Sexual Health and Wellbeing - a workshop series

We provide a range of workshops concerning LGBT sexual health and wellbeing; designed by and for LGBT communities.

This isn’t your usual, boring (and often scary!) sex ed. With a body-neutral and pleasure-positive approach, we’re exploring relationships, sexuality, and intimacy in new ways. We use a mix of interactive activities, discussion and facilitator-led learning to cover a range of topics.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch - we can always deliver something bespoke to meet your needs. We’re constantly updating so check back for new sessions soon!

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Our workshops are provided free of charge to groups based in Greater Manchester, and are suitable for ages 16+ unless we state otherwise. Please see our Safer Spaces Guide for further information as to how we keep our group sessions as accessible and inclusive as possible.

LGBT Sexual Health and Wellbeing

What do LGBT individuals need to consider when taking care of their sexual health?

This workshop is a whistle stop tour of the different components that make up our sexual wellbeing! With a brief look at historical context in the UK, we reflect on how society has impacted our ideas of LGBT sex. This session builds on existing knowledge of sexual health tools (such as testing and contraception) to ensure LGBT people have the information they need to take control of their sexual health.

Reflect – what’s the difference between sexual health and sexual wellbeing?

Learn build on your existing understanding of sexual health tools

Apply – challenge assumptions and stigma around sexual health and feel confident in your choices

Let's Get on PrEP!

What are the benefits of PrEP and why is this drug so important for the LGBT community?

This workshop explores the benefits of PrEP, guiding individuals through the different options available to them. We look at who might want to use PrEP and why this revolutionary tool is a brilliant option for so many in our community.

Reflect - consider how stigma has impacted on availability and individual access to PrEP

Learn - update your knowledge of how to access and use PrEP in England

Apply - feel confident in your options (is it right for you?) and how to challenge instances of stigma


How does reflecting on our expectations of relationships and sexuality help us access the pleasure we want?

Storylines on TV, playground gossip, what our parents didn’t tell us, and porn. LGBT people are bombarded with conflicting messages about sex and relationships. This workshop uses group discussion and private reflection to develop your personal "sex narrative”. You’ll be encouraged to separate what you really want from what you’ve been told you should want.

Reflect – on the reasons behind your views and feelings around sex, pleasure and intimacy

Learn work with critical thinking tools to consider how you want to develop your “sex narrative” going forwards

Apply use your awareness to inform the sex and intimacy you want to have

Sexuality: What's in a Name?

How does our understanding of our LGBT identity impact our sex lives?

We use labels to describe our identities all the time, and they're really useful! They help us feel like we belong, and they help us express ourselves. But what do they actually mean? What’s the link between our sexual orientation and our gender? And can you really tell anything about somebody’s sex life from how they refer to themselves?

This workshop explores an individualised approach to sexuality, providing a space to reflect on how our evolving sexual desires, behaviours, and identities might clash or complement each other.

Reflect how have labels restricted your identity?

Learn the different elements that make up sexual expression and sexuality

Apply use language and labels in a way that is empowering for you!

HIV: Beyond the Fear

How is historical stigma still influencing our views on HIV today?

The last few years have seen innovation transform HIV into a manageable long-term condition, but for some LGBT people, fear still lingers. This workshop provides the information you need to feel informed and confident in your knowledge around HIV. We’ll also discuss how you can play your part in helping to dismantle the remaining stigma around HIV for future generations.

Reflect understand how HIV has impacted the LGBT community over time

Learn update your knowledge on HIV testing, treatment, and prevention

Apply challenge instances of HIV related stigma