We offer a range of LGBT-inclusive workshops focused on sexual health knowledge, safer sex and healthy relationships. These are suitable for people of all ages and are provided free of charge to groups based in Greater Manchester. We've listed some of those we regularly deliver, but if you'd like a specific sexual health workshop please get in touch.

Please contact sexualhealth@lgbt.foundation if you would like to book a free workshop.

Healthy Relationships

This inclusive workshop provides participants with skills in communication and assertiveness so they can develop and build on health relationships in their lives. We will touch on various topics including communication, consent online dating and body image.

Intro to Sexual Health

Intro to Sexual Health is an introduction to having safer sex and taking control of your sexual health choices. It will explain how to choose the right safer sex and contraceptive materials for you and bust some myths about STIS and sex. We also offer an Intro to Sexual Health for LGBT Women which will extensively cover contraceptive materials for LGBT women and discuss why LGBT women are are often excluded from sexual health discussions based on the assumption LGBT Women are less at risk in terms of sexual health

HIV - beyond the fear

For some people, the fear of contracting HIV is a great source of anxiety in their lives. This workshop explores HIV and the fear, myths and stigma associated with it. Participants will also learn skills and tips on how to manage that anxiety and go 'beyond the fear'.

STIs and Screening

Learn about commons STIs, their symptoms, causes and myths! We will also be talking about how and where to access a full sexual health screening, what the benefits are and why people feel nervous about getting STI screenings.

Let’s Talk about Chemsex.

Chemsex is a gay, bi and MSM (men who have sex with men) social and culture phenomenon that involves the complex interaction of sexually disinhibiting drugs, hook-up apps and other social media, the prevalence of bareback gay porn to heighten the imaginary, enacted primarily in the private sphere. It is an issue that involves mental health, sexual health and substance misuse, but also the struggle with identity and the need for a sense of community. This workshop covers this sensitive area and includes some challenging material.

Let’s Get PrEP now!

PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. It involves a person who doesn’t have HIV, regularly taking a pill before and after sex to reduce their risk of HIV infection. If taken correctly PrEP can be a 100% effective protection against HIV. This workshop covers what PrEP is and how it works, how people should dose on the medication depending on the sex they are having, and how you can currently access PrEP in the UK. The workshop also covers the HIV preventative medication PEP (Post-exposure Prophylaxis), when you should and how you can access it.

We also provide a range of creative workshops on life drawing and polari, plus Cut That Out a creative workshop explores relationships, bodies and our identities in the media, through collage. Please email sexualhealth@lgbt.foundation if you are interested in hosting a workshop.