Our services are built on co-production and collaboration. We especially value the feedback of our communities and customers. LGBT Foundation's Training Academy participants and champions have come from a range of sectors including healthcare, education, domestic abuse services and child and adolescent support services. Some of the feedback we’ve received includes:

“The Training Academy is a practical, clear training package for our organisation. Friendly, informative and a safe space to develop learning. It’s also fun and participative!”

“Having completed the course, I feel I have been welcomed into the LGBTQ community, I can have a meaningful conversation on relevant issues and solutions and have been enlightened in an area that I knew very little about…I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to join”

“Thank you so much for a truly excellent series of modules. I really enjoyed all of them, and in addition to all the learning/knowledge gained, I got a huge amount out of being able to talk with people in a safe way. I particularly would like to commend you all on the quality of facilitation, which was constructed and delivered to enhance this feeling of safety. As an older, cis, straight person, I have had little personal contact with the LGBT community until the last few years. And with a passion for inclusion, this was something I really needed to remedy. However I was really anxious about getting things wrong, and this made me hesitate about even applying. I'm so glad I did!”

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