Sexual Health Programme – Feedback Form

We report anonymised information to our funders – allowing us to keep our spaces free. The information we provide is not linked to you in any way. For example, we can report how many trans people have attended the event, but do not share any names or dates of birth.

This form is also an opportunity to share what you think! We will use your comments and suggestions to shape our offer and meet the needs of our communities, so please tell us what you liked, what you want to see more of, and what you didn't like so much.

You can skip any questions you're not comfortable answering or don’t feel relevant, but you do need to provide some key information like which event you attended. Any mandatory questions are marked as (Required)


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YOUR SEXUAL HEALTH CONFIDENCE - Not all will apply, please answer relevant questions only.

As a result of this session, I feel more confident ...

... in how I can test for HIV and where I can get an STI test
… in how I can help prevent HIV (condoms, PEP, PrEP and U=U)
… talking to partner(s) about sexual health and practicing safer sex
… around taking care of my sexual wellbeing as an LGBT+ individual
We recommend everyone should have a sexual health screening at least every 12 months. We recommend having a sexual health screening up to every 3 months if you're having sex with multiple new and/or casual partners.
Would you like more information on our testing services, for GM residents aged 18+?
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