The Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for LGBT Foundation's activities and sets the strategic direction of the charity. Trustees also contribute their knowledge and expertise to the many complex issues the organisation faces.

In addition to Board meetings, Trustees are actively encouraged to join one or more of the Board Sub Committee's which generally meet monthly and look in-depth, specific topics, and develop proposals to recommend to the Board for agreement. Currently the Board Sub Committees include:

  • People, Performance and Planning Sub Committee (PPPSC)
  • Finance and Administration Sub Committee (FASC)
  • Fundraising Sub Committee (FSC)
  • Comms Sub Committee (CSC)
  • Governance Sub Committee (GSC)

The full Board meets quarterly, but it’s Sub Committees often meet monthly. To manage its affairs when not sitting, the Board have three Officers: The Chair, The Secretary and The Treasurer. Each position has one year term of office. All Trustees receive a thorough induction and training.

We occasionally need to recruit trustees. This is a fantastic opportunity to guide LGBT Foundation in its vision of building a fair and equal society where all LGBT can achieve their full potential. If you want to find out about becoming a trustee go to the becoming a trustee section and keep an eye on our social media channels where we will advertise vacancies.

The full Board meets quarterly, but it’s Sub Committees often meet monthly. To manage its affairs when not sitting, the Board have three Officers: The Chair, The Secretary and The Treasurer. Each position has one year term of office. All Trustees receive a thorough induction and training.

We occasionally need to recruit trustees. This is a fantastic opportunity to guide LGBT Foundation in its vision of building a fair and equal society where all LGBT can achieve their full potential. Keep an eye on our social media channels where we will advertise vacancies.

Meet our newest Trustees!

Loïc (He/Him)

Loïc is a competition policy professional, currently working in the public service. He also teaches competition law at a university.

Originally from France, Loïc now calls the UK and London his home. He is passionate about LGBTQ+ rights, visibility and safety of LGBTQ+ people.

Loïc practises ju-jitsu in an LGBTQ+-friendly club. He also loves travelling and exploring restaurants with his partner.

Nell (They/She)

Nell is currently the Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for the RSPB, the UK's largest conservation charity. They are a proud queer, disabled, neurodivergent, trade unionist and own far too many plants.

They've worked as a passionate advocate and activist for all things inclusion to create workplaces where everyone can thrive, not just survive. For the last two decades leading EDI campaigns across sectors including education, NHS, retail, local government and the charity sector, Nell's specialised in neurodiversity, reasonable adjustments and LGBT+ inclusion and the menopause.

Nell came out in Stoke-On-Trent in the 90s, spent about 20 years in London and now 3 in sunny Margate, Kent and has consistently worked to support, connect, celebrate and serve our queer community.

Having seen the differences that safe spaces, services and support can make, they cannot wait to get stuck in!

As an utterly devoted Agatha Christie‘Poirot’fan, in their spare time, they can be found watching old re-runs on the telly, or on the beach with their partner and faithful hound Lola!

Simon (He/Him)

Simon has worked as a midwife for almost 30 years with many of those years being in senior leadership posts. Currently employed in a national role supporting maternity units on their journeys to improvement.

Simon is a father of 3 and godfather to many. He is passionate about improving the lives of others, particularly those whose voices are often not heard and has been a trustee of a number of charities over the last 14 years.

Simon moved to Manchester 4 years ago for work and joined the LGBT Foundation as one of their volunteers and saw first-hand the great work the Foundation undertakes, and he is looking forward to supporting the Foundation to continue to grow whilst serving as a trustee.

Meet the rest of our board

Smyth Harper - Chair

Smyth has had a varied career in journalism and public relations, working for a range of organisations including the Manchester Evening News, BBC, Greater Manchester Police, Manchester City Council and the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham. He is currently head of communications at Lancashire County Council, one of the biggest local authorities in the country.

He is an active member of Manchester’s LGBT community. As well as helping to support the economic success of the Village by spending too much money in its venues, he aims to be an advocate for LGBT issues wherever he can.

An Irishman who has made Manchester his home, Smyth has three cats who permit him and his partner Ed to live with them. He spends too much time on karaoke and not enough time in the gym.

Image of Alex

Alex Herbert

Alex lives and works in the centre of Manchester as a software engineer. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion in the workplace and is involved in initiatives to measure and improve inclusivity. She aims to bring business and technical expertise to the board of the LGBT Foundation.

She first used services at the LGBT Foundation in 2013 and the support was incredible and got her through hard times. She is committed to ensuring the LGBT Foundation prospers and continues to provide the vital support it has over the years, and is delighted to join as a Trustee.

Lee Broadstock - Treasurer

Lee is currently a Neighbourhood Police Inspector for Greater Manchester police with a strong knowledge in community engagement, hate-crime, equality and LGBT policing, being thematic LGBT lead for Greater Manchester Police and secretary of the National LGBT Police Network. Lee has previosuly worked in the Neighbourhood team for the village and worked on the establishment of the Village Angels. Prior to working for the police, Lee worked as a mangement accountant. Lee lives in Manchester and along with being passionate about LGBT inclusion enjoys cycling and supporting Manchester City.

Anjalee Pawasker

I live with my partner in Rochdale, am mother of two children, 2 cats and one dog, I am a keen traveller, enjoy upcycling furniture, am in love with vintage china, especially teapots! I work in the Communications and Marketing team at Bolton at Home, the biggest housing provider in Bolton. I have been there for 20 years and before that worked for Shelter, in London.

Love gin hate discrimination. I want to be one of the voices for LGBT Foundation, people who know me know that being heard won't be hard!

I want to be a part of LGBT foundation to help raise awareness and the profile of the amazing work the organisation does. I want to help with the challenges LGBT Foundation faces with a move to a more just and fairer society.

Jason Kalugarama

Jason has worked across the public and voluntary sector in Greater Manchester for nearly two decades. As a Primary Care Manager with GM Health and Social Care Partnership, Jason has responsibility for enabling over 450 GP practices to improve quality and promote inclusive health services for tens of thousands of GM residents.

Through his current and previous roles, Jason has been the driving force for a diversity agenda, recognising and calling out structural inequalities that can reduce opportunities for some of the most vulnerable across our city region. Having worked across health, employability and regeneration initiatives, Jason has worked tirelessly to engage with communities, represent the interests of marginalised groups (such as long term unemployed people and Carers) and design services that can meet the needs of some of the most under-represented individuals.

Whilst first attracted to Manchester by Queer as Folk back in the late 90s, Jason has made Manchester his home. As a Ugandan Geordie Jason loves volunteering, dancing to salsa, listening to funk or attending spoken word poetry events.

Jax Effiong

GMCA- Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Diversity & Inclusion Manager.

I started my professional career as a Youth and Community worker. I was inspired by a local youth worker who supported & empowered young people, giving me and others, a voice in our local community. For the past 40 years, I have volunteered and worked across Greater Manchester in the voluntary and public sector, offering a voice to the unheard and often invisible.

I am passionate about Intersectionality, asserting how all aspects of our identities and discrimination overlap. We all have different experiences and identities, which interlock with each other. Considering these relationships when working to promote equity is crucial.

I joined the fire service in 2011 as a Community Safety Manager, and developed the LGBT & Allies staff network in 2016. Supporting the development of other staff networks across the organisation. Ensuring key joint events each year inclusive of IDAHOBIT & Black History Month, to give visibility to the BAME-PoC LGBT agenda. Now staff and volunteers, have visibility, a voice and additional confidential support through the LGBT & Allies, Women’s, BAME, and Dis-ability staff networks.

I am part of the Greater Manchester LGBT Advisory Panel, to support Carl Austin-Behan drive forward the GM LGBT 5 year action plan. I am my authentic self, and my beliefs and values are at the heart of what I bring to work, part of my every day! I won the Asian Fire Service “Woman of the year” 2018 for my diversity andinclusion work in the Bangladeshi community, and in recognition for my LGBT+ work within the organisation over the past 4 years.

I started my new role as the Diversity and Inclusion manager in July this year. I feel excited and extremely privileged, to be able to use this platform, to contribute to the Diversity and Inclusion ambition within the fire service and beyond.

Ooooh the possibilities!

Mike Hill

When Mike is not saving lives as a Royal Navy Emergency Medicine doctor, he is a staunch supporter of diversity and inclusion with over two decades experience of working to support the LGBT+ community.

He has a passion for removing healthcare inequalities as a chair of Compass, the sexual orientation and gender identity network the Naval Service, he has instigated and lead a number of cross government and public sector initiatives and global strategic engagement programmes. He is a powerful community advocate, being a strong trans and bi ally.

Mike, who lives in Manchester, also enjoys travelling and photography.

Simon Bracewell

Simon is the Education Director at HunterLodge Advertising and has been working in advertising for over 25 years. 1988 saw him dabble for the first time in recruitment marketing. Or job ads, as we called them back then.

Around 17 years ago he joined a team run by the formidable Julie Towers at Riley Advertising in Nottingham. The rest is history, as Riley morphed into the agency now known as Havas People.

With a character only marginally less colourful than his wardrobe*, Simon’s managed teams, departments and regional offices, and worked with clients across recruitment and education marketing. Simon is heavily involved in the LGBT network within the Havas group and helped to recently launch @havaspride

Simon comes from Leeds. His other claim to fame is that he once directed and starred in a TV commercial with Patrick Stewart!

*There is no truth in the rumour that Tim Peake could see it from space. It was the Northern Lights, honest.

Terrae Lawrence-Tulloch

Originally from Birmingham, Terrae moved to Manchester in 2014 and has worked in the finance and insurance sector for almost six years. She currently works for an Independent Financial Adviser firm in the city-center.

Terrae attended Keele University in Staffordshire for her undergraduate and postgraduate studies, where she stood as the Ethnic Diversity officer for the LGBT Society and the Equality and Diversity Officer for Keele Postgraduate Association. Terrae is a member of Manchester’s ‘Rainbow Noir’ and recently completed Stonewall’s BAME Role Models programme. She is keen to help make positive changes and continue to represent LGBTQ People of Colour.

Ian Ambrose

In his professional life, Ian works as the finance director for a London Council, having worked in Local Government all his career. He is an active participant in the equalities, diversity and inclusion agenda at his work, and corporate sponsor of the LGBT+ staff network.

Ian is open about being a latecomer to the LGBT+ party, having come out during the panademic. Having been accepted and supported by others to be his authentic self, Ian now wants to do what he can to support others on their journey, initially by using his skills and experience from his professional life, but over time as he listens and learns more, through advocating and supporting based on his knowledge and understanding of the issues that our community faces.

Ian is a proud father of two gorgeous daughters (dad's bias) - one training to be a primary school teacher, the other studying musical theatre. He enjoys yoga, theatre trips with friends and at times too much food and wine.