Staying safe when taking drugs

First line, pill, pipe, bump, bomb, dab, slam, sniff or toot

  • Take a small amount first (no more than half a pill or a pinch of a powder). You can always take more but you can’t take less.

  • Wait for at least an hour before re-dosing – it can take a lot longer for some drugs to take effect (PMA takes around an hour, whereas ecstasy is more like 20 – 30 minutes). Don’t double drop, some pills take a while to come on!

Off your face, on your toes!

  • Keep with other people where possible, and let someone else know what you have taken. If it all goes wrong, they need to let the paramedics and first aiders know.
  • Keep cool and hydrated. You should be passing urine that is clear and not too dark coloured, the darker it is the more dehydrated you are. Sweating is okay as it helps you stay cool. If you stop sweating and still feel hot let someone know and get them to call an ambulance – Don’t delay.

  • If you are doing anything physically strenuous, stop doing it and take a break, whether it is dancing, having sex, or just rushing about – stop, rest, rehydrate, and cool down!

  • Keep packaging or ‘left-over’ powders and pills as these can be analysed by medical staff to help you, if necessary. The police will not necessarily be involved by emergency services unless there are other circumstances that involve offending e.g. violent behaviour. Do not try to hide your drug use. If it’s an emergency, the least of your worries should be the discovery of your drug use.
  • If you or a friend do need to go to hospital, don’t, under any circumstances try to drive to A&E, or let someone who has also taken drugs or alcohol drive, it’s not worth the risk – call an ambulance.

  • Try to space out alcoholic drinks with plenty of water or energy drinks (isotonic). You probably won’t want to eat anything if you’re doing stim(ulant)s, but try to drink a fruit smoothie, it will help reduce stomach acid and put a little ‘fuel back in the tank’.

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