They/Them/Us, monthly group for non binary and genderfluid people.

Why did we start the inclusion work?

Last year, we consulted with the community and learnt that, in the Women's Programme, the lesbian and bisexual women who were accessing our services were mainly white, cisgender and/or young(<50). Our job is to make sure our work is relevant and representative of all the lesbian and bisexual women in Greater Manchester. Your expertise can help us create the best possible safe and inclusive space for you and women like you.

The aim of the project is to help our communities around Greater Manchester have a voice in the LGBT community through :

- Intersectional Community Events dedicated to women who share multiple minority identities

- Awareness raising workshops for professionals and organisations who work with women with multiple minority identities.

To make sure we are going in the right direction we regularly ask you your opinion via survey.

You can access the most recent one here.

They/Them/Us event details

Volunteering & Sessional work

Our Women’s Programme is aiming to expand our services for non-binary and genderfluid people who identify as lesbian, bi, queer or questioning some or all of the time.

Wherever possible we want to cater the Women’s Programme Volunteer Role to the skills and passions of the volunteer undertaking it. Please find below the roles that we are currently recruiting for.

Trans Womxn, Women's Programme Volunteer: role profile here

Please contact Women's Programme Inclusion Officer Monica Dhillon at if you are interested.

Next Meet-In!

Friday 26th April - 6-8pm - We will be watching a film (TBC) followed by a chat and general social space!

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Next Meet-Out!

14 April - 11am - Bowling @ Dog Bowl!
Email to book your place.

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