We produce original and innovative research reports that highlight LGBT people’s experiences; inform stakeholders of appropriate actions; and change policy and practice to improve life for LGBT people. Our research work is often conducted in partnership with universities and other organisations.

In this section, we showcase our comprehensive evidence base, providing you (as researchers, professionals, and policy-makers) with the information you need to effectively challenge decisions that affect the lives of LGBT people.

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2020 - 2024

Pride in Practice LGBTQ+ Patient Experience Survey - GP Update 2023

Since 2014, LGBT Foundation has carried out a series of surveys analysing the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans people (LGBTQ+) accessing primary healthcare. Our most recent survey, launched in June 2022, received 335 valid responses from members of our communities, and has added an extra level of insight and detail to experiences collected in previous years. In this resource, we have chosen to spotlight experiences at GP practices, and have developed an asset that will raise up LGBTQ+ voices and support primary care stakeholders and services in developing inclusive practice.

ITEMS research project.

The ITEMS research project was commissioned by the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Health and Wellbeing Alliance (VCSE HWA) and delivered by LGBT Foundation in partnership with a steering group. It ran between September 2020 and April 2021, aiming to gain insight into trans and non-binary experiences of perinatal services and put forward recommendations for improvement.

Pride in Practice LGBT Patient Experience Survey 2021

This survey, undertaken in 2021, reflects the wider challenges reported by many when accessing primary care services during the pandemic and, as healthcare professionals, we should be especially concerned when access and experience worsens for populations that already face significant barriers to healthcare. Similar to what we see in other surveys, experience is significantly worse for trans and non-binary people, with fewer respondents from these groups stating that their GP meets their needs. The picture is also worse for LGBT people of colour and disabled LGBT people with both groups reporting higher rates of discrimination and unfair treatment.

Pride in Pharmacy

Welcome to Pride in Pharmacy:
Developing LGBT Inclusion within Community Pharmacies! Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and questioning + (LGBTQ+) communities experience healthcare inequalities in the UK at an unacceptable rate. These inequalities include barriers to accessinghealthcare, experiences of prejudice and discrimination, and poorer health outcomes.

2020 Conversion Therapy and Gender Identity Survey

A groundbreaking research project by a coalition of LGBT+ charities and Richard Matousek on gender identity conversion therapy.

Housing Ageing and Care:

What Manchester's LGBT communities want from the UK's first purpose-built LGBT extra care scheme

It’s a Question of Sex

The community report based on the Sexual Wellbeing Survey which LGBT Foundation’s Women’s Programme ran in 2018.

You Build Your Own Family:

A ground-breaking project looking at the impact of severe and multiple disadvantage on LGBT people.

Hidden Figures:

The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on LGBT Communities.

Hidden Figures:

LGBT Health Inequalities in the UK.

A Typology of Trans Health Initiatives

An academic document designed to outline methods of integrated care from trans-related healthcare policies.

Review of the Integration of Trans Health

The full review of trans-related healthcare policies and the integration of care in the UK.

Trans Sexual Health Survey

An academic summary of findings from the Trans Sexual Health Survey 2017.

2019 - 2015

Pride in Practice Impact Report 2018

The impact of Pride in Practice looking through its history up to 2018.

Good Practice Guide to Monitoring Sexual Orientation

Advice and practical tips for your organisation on how to best monitor sexual orientation.

Greater Manchester LGBT Action Plan

Overarching priorities for improving the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people in Greater Manchester over the next 5 years.

Primary Care Survey 2017

The Primary Care Survey 2017 measures the impact of Pride in Practice from 2016 to 2017.

Transforming Outcomes

A literature review with community consultation and asset mapping offering key insights into trans community strengths and assets.

Researching Manchester's Trans Population

A study into the trans population of Manchester, outlining achievements and needs across key areas.

The State of the City for older LGB people

Research on issues faced by older LGB people in Greater Manchester discussing evidence on inequalities related to health and social isolation.

The State of the City for BME LGB people

Exploring issues faced by BME LGB people in Greater Manchester.

Community Safety

Community Safety explores a range of issues faced by LGB people in Greater Manchester.

2014 - 2010

Beyond Babies and Breast Cancer

A collection of 70 research projects from the UK and globally looking at the health needs of LGB women.

Part of the Picture

A 5 year research partnership which sought to establish a useful, England-wide database on the drug and alcohol use of LGB people.

Are you Ready for a Screen Test?

An executive summary and academic report from our campaign on cervical screening among LGB women.

I Exist

Our report on the mental health and wellbeing of LGB people in the UK from 2011.