Your Reporting Options

Published: 17 July 2023
Last updated: 17 July 2023

When you are ready you could: 

  • Report to the police via 101 – A specially trained police officer would make contact and take some details. Later, you would complete a video interview (Achieving Best Evidence interview – ABE). The police would then carry out an investigation and may make an arrest. 
  • If you have not told to anyone else before, you can provide an ‘initial account’ with the ISVA which includes who, what, when and where the incident(s) took place. 
  • Our ISVA can support you to provide anonymous intelligence to the police via 101. 

There are multiple options available to you if you have experienced sexual violence. We are here to support you to explore these and through each step of whatever you want to do. 

If you are not yet sure whether you want to report a Sexual Assault to the police, you may find talking to an ISVA helpful. We will explore options with you and support whatever decision you make. 

Our ISVA service is here for you even if you don’t report to the police. We can provide emotional and practical support and make onwards referrals.

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