Domestic Abuse RECLAIM Programme

Domestic Abuse RECLAIM Programme

Our RECLAIM programme offers support to those who are currently experiencing domestic abuse and who may not require the support of our IDVA service. This service provides practical help, advocacy and emotional support for those experiencing domestic abuse, whether this is from a partner(s), ex-partner(s), or family member(s). This service is available to all people identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or trans, and anyone falling under the umbrella term of LGBT* such as queer, intersex, pansexual, non-binary or gender fluid, including those questioning their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

The service is available for people who are living within the Greater Manchester area. You must be aged 16+ to access this service.

Our RECLAIM Programme can help you with:

Individualised safety planning

We can support with creating a personal safety plan for anyone that is currently experiencing domestic abuse. A safety plan is a way of protecting yourself from further abuse by helping you to plan in advance by looking at all the potential risks. We will help you put a plan together that is relevant to your situation and will help to keep yourself safe from any further potential abuse or violence.

One-to-one support planning and advocacy

Our domestic abuse officers will complete a full support plan with you in order to address any practical needs such as navigating the criminal justice system, applying for civil orders, problems with finances, any housing issues, supporting your children, mental and physical health related issues, and any other additional support needs. They can also act as advocates when required by liaising with other organisations and services to ensure that you are safe and that all necessary support is in place.

Practical housing support

The service also offers practical housing support and advice if you are homeless or at risk of homelessness because of domestic abuse. You will be offered advice and guidance around benefits, housing options, safety and budgeting to ensure long term security.

Emotional support

We understand that experiencing abuse can be an extremely difficult part of your life to navigate alone. We are here to listen and will offer you non-judgemental emotional support throughout your time within the service. In addition to general emotional support we also offer set sessions where we can explore:

The cycle of abuse

Power and control wheel


These sessions are there to help provide you with an understanding of the dynamics of an abusive relationship, how abuse can happen to anybody and hopefully answer any questions you may have about domestic abuse or your situation.