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Welcome to the AFA Equalities Board

The Equalities Board is a part of the Ambition for Ageing (AFA) programme, creating and researching age-friendly communities across Greater Manchester.

The Equalities Board is a group of people, supported by a small team of equalities workers, who know about discrimination – through a lifetime’s experience of inequalities, or through working in equalities organisations. Together we use our combined wisdom to advise the AFA Programme Board. We aim to help make sure that the work of AFA reaches the most marginalised older people.

We know from experience, and from research, that when the needs of the most marginalised people are addressed, then everyone gets a better deal. We know that when members of minority communities are part of decision making and programme design, then more creative approaches are developed. We believe that understanding equality and inequality is essential to ensuring people can age well.

"The Equalities Board has given me a way to meet people from other minority groups whom I would not normally come across, and start to see things from their perspective."

"I have enjoyed visiting local delivery areas and seeing what they are doing in their communities. It is very important because it is older people in local communities raising awareness of the needs and interests of diverse older people."

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We have a glossary of difficult terms (words and phrases) that are used to talk about equalities in AFA. To read it, click here.

For more information, click the links below, or contact Hannah, Clare and Sarah at afa@lgbt.foundation

Call 03453 30 30 30 extension 310.

New: ‘Ageing Equally?’ EB community research funding

We have launched new community research programme for EB members, looking at how older people from minority communities experience neighbourhoods, and what they need from them as they age. To find out more, click here.

Event registration: Ageing Equally in Greater Manchester?

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