our pride in ageing advisory group

Lived experience sits at the heart of Pride in Ageing via our fabulous Advisory Group.


Elevating and including the voices of LGBTQ+ people aged 50+ is imperative to achieving the aims of the Pride in Ageing programme. For this reason, our advisory group has been in place since the launch of Pride in Ageing in June 2019. 

The group consists of 18 LGBTQ+ community members from a wide range of backgrounds. Everyone in the group shares a passion for improving the lives of LGBTQ+ over 50s in our city region. 


The advisory group meets once a month to: 

  • Highlight the achievements of older LGBTQ+ people  
  • Consult on local policies and how they can be adapted to better meet the needs of older LGBTQ+ people 
  • Raise awareness of issues affecting older LGBTQ+ people e.g. isolation, concerns around end of life care etc. 
  • Offer recommendations to existing LGBTQ+ services on how to include and support people over 50 
  • Commission new research and events around the needs of LGBTQ+ over 50s 

Advisory group members report an increase of confidence. satisfaction and feeling more informed about LGBTQ+ issues since being involved with the project. 

As well as coming together as a group, members are supported by a Volunteer Supervisor to explore areas of interest to them, and to volunteer in other projects with Pride in Ageing and across LGBT Foundation.

How do I get involved?

We’re currently looking for volunteers to join the Pride in Ageing Advisory Group! All members must be LGBTQ+, over 50 and currently living at an address in Greater Manchester. 

To find out more about this amazing opportunity and how you can get involved, visit our Volunteering page. 

For more information, you can always email us, we’re happy to hear from you.

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