Groups and Useful Links

Want to meet other women, or get some local support? Below are some useful links to groups and organisations that may be of use to LGBT women in Greater Manchester. If you know of a link that should appear here, email to let us know.

Groups marked * are women-only or have women-only activities. Our services for women are open to any LGBTQ+ women and questioning women. They are also open to non-binary people, gender-fluid people, and people whose gender idetnity includes woman some or all of time who want to access a women's space. We do not knowingly list groups or organisations who discriminate against trans people.

Support from LGBT Foundation

Sexual HealthSexual health testing, sex guides, free Safer Sex packs and more
Domestic AbuseSupport for Greater Manchester based LGBT individuals, providing practical help and advice, and emotional support for those who have been, or currently are experiencing domestic abuse.
HelplineOur helpline offers support and advice on a range of topics. Our service is non-judgement, and we are here to talk through whatever is on your mind.
RecoveryOne-to-one and group support around drug and alcohol use
Trans ProgrammeEvents, support, and advocacy for trans and non-binary people
Bi ProgrammeEvents for bi+ people and anyone who experiences attraction to multiple genders
Pride In AgeingEvents for over 50s

Other support groups

Albert Kennedy Trust

Supports young LGBT people who are homeless or at risk

Better Things

Group for LGBT adults with a learning disability. For more information please call Brenda on 0161 728 7616.

Breast Cancer Now

For anyone affected by breast cancer

End The Fear

Domestic abuse support across Greater Manchester

Jo's Cervical Cancer TrustSupport services providing accurate information and someone to listen about HPV, the HPV vaccine, cervical screening (a smear test) or cervical cancer
Lesbian Immigration Support Group*

Group of women in Greater Manchester who are lesbian and bisexual asylum seekers and refugees and their supporters

LGBT Women's Recovery Group

A self-recovery and recovery training group every Wednesday from 6-7pm

Manchester Rape Crisis*

For survivors of rape or sexual assault

Manchester Women’s Aid*

For women and children affected by domestic and sexual violence

42nd Street

Support and resources for young LGBT people

Websites of interest to LGBT+ women

AZ Mag Online publication for LGBT+ People of Colour


News, entertainment, opinion, community and wlw culture

Bi Community News

Britain's bimonthly bisexual magazine

DIVA Magazine

The only monthly glossy newsstand magazine for lesbians and bi women in the UK

gal-demAn online and print magazine written by people of colour from marginalised genders
The Pink Sofa

Lesbian dating website