Welcome to LGBT Foundation's Women's Programme

LGBT Foundation's Women's Programme aims to support and empower all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans women to improve their health and wellbeing, to improve skills, increase confidence and reduce isolation.

Our spaces are for all self-identifying lesbian, gay, bi, queer or questioning women, trans women, non-binary people wishing to access a women-centred space, and for those whose gender identity includes woman some or all of the time. Our spaces are inclusive of women of colour, older women, and disabled women. We try to make our services welcoming and accessible to all; if you have any specific access requirements please let us know by contacting [email protected] and we'll try to help.

Being an LGBTQ+ Woman

This film offers a unique insight into the experiences of queer womanhood and highlights the diversity of being a woman. It encourages us to view womanhood through a queerer lens, opening up new perspectives and possibilities. Let's unite as women and celebrate our differences while basking in the queer hope and joy this film radiates!

Remember, there are as many ways of being a woman as there are women in the world, so let's celebrate each and every one!


Sapphic Showcase - Friday 25th August - HOME

We’re bringing together some fantastic headliners to entertain you and are inviting YOU to perform in one our open mic night slots. We’re so excited to see all the amazing Sapphic talent Greater Manchester has to offer from poetry, to comedy, and music! After these amazing performances, stick around for some opportunities to socialise and meet some people before Manchester Pride.


Trans Women's Group

Looking to connect with like-minded individuals in a warm and welcoming environment? LGBT Foundation’s Trans Women’s Group is a new meet-up happening on the third Monday of every month. It is a place for trans feminine individuals to come together and make connections. We host a range of engaging events aimed at bringing you new experiences.


Women's World Cup Watch Parties

Whether you’re a die-hard fan, occasional watcher, or brand new to getting involved with football, we invite you to join us in this LGBTQ+ women-centred, dry space to watch some matches!


Quiz Club takes place once a month, on a Monday at 5pm. There's questions, a bit of chat, answers, and some laughs!
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What Is A Woman?

There are as many ways of being a woman as there are women in the world.
Find out more about how we can celebrate all women by clicking here

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