Intersectionnal Community Event, for Lesbian and Bi Women of Colour

Our Inclusion work

Following a community consultation we recognised that the majority of the LB+ women who were accessing our services were mainly white, cisgender and/or young(<50), and it is our job is to make sure our work is relevant and representative of all the LB+ women in Greater Manchester. We obtained funding for an Inclusion Offier role until March 31st 2020 and they worked on the following:

- Intersectional Community Events dedicated to women who share multiple minority identities

- Awareness raising workshops for professionals and organisations who work with women with multiple minority identities.

We are comitted to ensuring our Programme is inclusive and we welcome your input and expertise to help us maintain the work we have been doing.

We invite anyone to get in touch with ideas, experiences or opinions on what we are doing by emailing us at [email protected]

We currently run a wonderfully engaging and vibrant monthly session called Women of Colour Shine, you can see details of this month's session below:

This month’s Women of Colour shine we will be viewing and discussing a short documentary, Nirvana.

“Finding community and empowerment at Asia’s largest gathering of transgender women. For eighteen days of the year, the small village of Villipuram in Tamil Nadu is transformed into the largest gathering of transgender women in Asia.”

How does community empower you? Can we continue to empower each other during this strange time? Let’s chat!

Volunteering & Sessional work

Our Women’s Programme is aiming to expand our services for lesbian and bisexual women of colour/BAME women.

Wherever possible we want to cater the Women’s Programme Volunteer Role to the skills and passions of the volunteer undertaking it.

Please contact Women's Programme [email protected] if you are interested in finding out more!