Take a look at our resources around LGBTQ+ women and inclusion

Our resources are designed to help you learn more about the challenges LGBTQ+ women face and how to include them better.

Including All Women

This popular resource is a simple introduction to inclusion to help you understand how to better support LGBTQ+ women with marginalised experiences, and why it’s so important to include all women.  

This resource will not cover all experiences, but we hope to start a conversation about how people’s experiences are connected.

What Is A Woman?

There are as many ways of being a woman as there are women in the world. We’ve put together this guide to support anyone navigating their own experience of womanhood. 


It’s A Question of Sex

In 2018, over 2,000 people responded to our Sexual Wellbeing Survey, designed with Professor Catherine Meads, of Anglia Ruskin University. This resource provides an amazing insight into the sexual wellbeing for women who have sex with women, including their thoughts on pleasure, exploration, confidence and consent.  

A black fem-presenting person holding a pride flag, smiling at the camera. Portrait.
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