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BAME trans people


'Inclusivity - Supporting BAME Trans People' - Sabah Choudrey and Gires

Published: February 2016

This resource has been made with the interests, safety and rights of BAME trans people at the core, to help improve support and raise awareness for this community. It also includes research and references specific to the UK, as BAME trans research is so often USA-centric, adding to the knowledge that these communities can relate to. This guide will benefit not just BAME trans people, but the people who support them, including LGBTQ and trans organisations, employers, family and allies.

Directories and Support

transgender hub

Transgender Hub

The Transgender Hub is a news and advice website that aims to provide accurate and current information/articles to the transgender, transsexual, crossdresser and LGBTQ community

transgender support directory

Transgender Support Groups

This online directory lists Transgender support groups around the world!

Trans Unite

Trans Unite

Trans Unite allows members of the transgender & non binary communities to find a support group local to them (or even online). The site is not for profit and free from advertisements. Users can find a local group and even message them directly from their site using the "Contact Group" button.

MindLine Trans+

MindLine Trans+ - 0300 330 5468

Bristol MindLine has launched a helpline looking to support trans and non-binary individuals, and those questioning their gender. It is also available for family and allies of trans people. Lines are open Mondays and Fridays, 8pm-midnight.


General Medical Council

'Guidance for doctors treating transgender patients' - General Medical Council

Published: March 2016

The first report of the House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee highlighted significant concerns about doctors’ lack of awareness and consideration in treating transgender patients. These web pages aim to help doctors see how the principles of Good medical practice apply in relation to trans patients and also to explain doctors’ duties under the Equality Act 2010 and other legislation.

Brighton and Hove NHS

'Supporting Patients Accessing Gender Identity Services' - NHS: Brighton and Hove Clinic Commissioning Group

Published: February 2016

This guide is for GPs on the care of patients accessing NHS Specialist Gender Identity Services (SGIS). Trans people are entitled in law and policy to equal access but health inequalities remain and trans people have not always had a good experience of NHS care. This guide aims to enable GPs to get ‘up to speed’ on some of the key issues.

mens health forum

‘Your body, your health’ – Men’s Health Forum

Published: November 2015

Written and developed by trans men, Your Body, Your Health - Health choices made easy for trans men, trans masculine and non-binary people explains the various aspects of transition healthcare in an easy-to-read, non-technical way to help you:

  • make decisions about your own wellbeing
  • deal with the challenges you might meet when dealing with a health care system (and wider society) which can still tend to think in terms of two fixed genders.
action for trans health

'NHS Interim Protocol Guide' - Action For Trans Health

Published: September 2014

Action for Trans Health's guide to what you should expect when seeking out transition related treatment on the NHS.

sexual health shefield

'Living My Life - Information for trans people' - Sexual Health Sheffield

Published: May 2011

An engaging 28 page A5 booklet providing information about people who identify as trans or who are beginning to explore their gender identity.

The booklet features inspirational and affirming photographic images of people with a trans identity.

'NHS Sheffield Gender Identity Clinic' - NHS Sheffield

This website has the contact details for the NHS Sheffield Gender Identity Clinic. There are also guidelines for GP's on bridging prescriptions and typical waiting times which is currently around 85 weeks.

'Leeds and York Gender Identity Service' - NHS Leeds

Updated: August 2019

Contains up to date figures for the waiting times for initial screening, first assessment and end assessment appointments with the Leeds Gender Identity Services. This page also explains the common care pathways and answers many FAQ's.

'Preparing for your first GIC appointment' - NHS

Information for patients from The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust: Gender Identity Clinic for Adults on what to expect from your first appointment at the Gender Identity Clinic and what happens next.

'Leeds Gender Identity Services Waiting Times' - Leeds NHS

Published: 2018

Document shows the average wait time, in days, for a first appointment at Leeds Gender Identity Services during 2018.

'Frequently Asked Questions for Sheffield GIC' - NHS

Updated: 2017

Detailed FAQ document from the Sheffield Gender Identity Clinic which includes information on the referral pathways, waiting times and what services are provided at the clinic.

'What to expect at Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health' - NHS

This page outlines the referral pathways and services offered at The Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health. There is also guidance on the waiting times for first appointments.

'How to complain to the NHS' - National Health Service

A guide to the NHS complaints procedure. Everyone has the right to make a complaint about their NHS care, including the use of the Mental Health Act. You also have the right to escalate your complaint to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman if you are unhapy with the outcome of an initial NHS complaint.

'Trans Health Fact Sheets' - The National LGBT Partnership

Published: March 2015, May 2016, and September 2017

The National LGBT Partnership have published a collection of factsheets on various aspects of trans health. Areas covered include fertility, hormones, sexual health and mental wellbeing. There are also factsheets specifically for BAME trans health.

'Guidance for GP's providing healthcare for Trans patients' - General Medical Council

The General Medical Council has provided detailed guidance on best practice for health care professionals. It outlines the risks of self-medication on physical and mental health and advises when a GP ought to provide bridging prescriptions. There is also lots of guidance on patient confidentiality and disclosure of previous gender history.

'An Interim guide to trans care in England' - NHS England

Published: July 2013

This 29 page document from NHS England provides extensive guidelines to ensure equal access to healthcare cross the NHS in England. It outlines how a patient should be referred to a specialist clinic, responsibilities of local GP's to provide care and also different surgical procedures that may be offered.

'Finding an NHS Gender Identity Clinic' - NHS

Reviewed: March 2017

This NHS page lists the addresses and contact details of the eight Gender Identity Clinic’s in England.

'Gender dysphoria services: a guide for General Practitioners' - GIC's

Published: April 2013

This document was written by representatives from Gender Identity Clinics (GICs) across the country. It outlines NHS protocol for managing gender dysphoria, advising GP's on how to refer a patient to specialist services and support them in the meantime.

Name Changes and Coming Out

'A guide to changing NHS number and identity' - Mermaids UK

Published: 2019

Mermaids have written a guide on how to register a change in NHS identity and number. The process is currently under revision, so the information on this page is only a draft.

Action for Trans Health

'Changing your name and/or title' - Action for Trans Health

There are a lot of misconceptions about how a person can change their name, yet in fact is is quick, easy and free. ATH have made a detailed guide on how to change your name and title.

'Registering a name change with HMRC' - UK Gov

Although the HMRC is usually informed automatically when a gender recognition certificate is obtained, this page explains how to inform them yourself of a gender change yourself. It also explains what HMRC is required to do on your behalf.

'How to register name changes with Department of Work and Pensions' - Gendered Intelligence

This page has details on how to inform the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) about a name and gender change, including which documents are required and where to send them.

Non-Binary Support

Scottish trans

Including non-binary people: guidance for service providers and employers

Resource from Scottish Trans Health including definitions of non-binary; Top Tips on Service Provision and Employment and a Glossary of terms related to Gender Identity.

Trans Inclusion, Employment and Legal


First Steps: An introduction to trans inclusion

This resource series explores best practice for supporting trans employees in the workplace.

uk trans info

‘Guide to UK legal Gender Recognition’ – UK Trans Info

Published: November 2015

Guide on how to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate under the Gender Recognition Act 2004. This guide was created by UK Trans Info with support and funding from the Scottish Transgender Alliance.

uk trans info

'Gender Recognition: Where Next? - UK Trans Info

Published: January 2016

This report summarises the findings of a survey undertaken during November and December 2015 in collaboration with the Non-Binary Inclusion Project.

The survey, entitled ‘Replace the GRC – but how?’ was created in response to calls for reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004, in the wake of a Transgender Equality Inquiry conducted by the UK Parliament’s Women and Equalities Committee.

'A Guide to UK Legal Gender Recognition' - UK Trans Info

Published: November 2015

This clear and comprehensive 60 page guide, made by UK Trans Info, explains how to apply for Legal Gender Recognition in the UK. It also explains how legally changing gender effects existing marriages and civil partnerships and inheritance. There is also a section on your privacy in relation to previous names and identity.

gendered intelligence

‘Knowledge is power’ – Gendered Intelligence

Published: November 2015

Knowledge is Power is a project funded by Awards for All. It aims to gather knowledge generated through a series of youth sessions, as well as research and writing carried out by a diverse team of GI community members.

At Gendered Intelligence we think knowledge is not the same as information. Knowledge is something that comes from within. Knowledge comes when an individual has received information but has processed it in a way that offers meaning to their life. logo

‘Providing services for transgender customers: a guide’ – Government Equalities Office

Published: November 2015

Good practice guidance on providing services that are inclusive of transgender people as customers, clients, users or members.

This guide, produced in partnership with Gendered Intelligence, sets out guidance and good practice examples to help service providers ensure transgender people are welcomed, included and valued as customers, clients, users or members, and to ensure they are treated fairly and appropriately. It also aims to help service providers comply with the law. logo

‘Recruiting and retaining transgender staff: a guide for employers’ – Government Equalities Office

Published: November 2015

Guidance for employers on recruiting and retaining transgender employees.

This guidance, produced in partnership with Inclusive Employers, is designed to provide employers with practical advice, suggestions and ideas on the recruitment and retention of transgender employees and potential employees. It is also a useful guide for the managers of trans staff and for trans staff themselves. It also aims to help employers comply with the law.


‘Trans Privacy Law’ – Galop

Published: May 2014

This fact sheet answers some questions about legal protections for the privacy of trans* people who give their information to services.

'Applying for a Gender Recognition Certificate' - UK Gov

This site briefly explains the application process for a 'Gender Recognition Certificate' and includes three different forms and accompanying guidance on each route.

' E-learning resource on transgender awareness' - GIRES

The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) have created a transgender awareness e-learning resource for employers in both the public and private sector. It has three modules covering: an introduction to gender variance, how to support transitioning employees in the workplace, and how to provide trans inclusive services to the public.

Trans Sexual Health

Gender Jam

'Sexual Health Guide for Trans & Non-Binary Young People in Northern Ireland' - Gender JAM and SAIL

Published: April 2016

If you’re a young trans/non-binary person, it can be really hard to find information on your sexual health. This guide was written by young trans and non-binary people, for young trans & nonbinary people, and only contains information that’s useful for young trans & non-binary people.

This doesn’t replace other sexual health guides – if you want the low-down on contraceptives, safe sex and relationship support, you should check out other sexual health guides too. This guide covers what others don’t – how being a young trans person affects your sexual health.



A team of friendly and open health & well-being professionals and trans* community members, who are dedicated to enhancing the lives of trans* people, their partners and friends. CliniQ offer a queer inclusive and non-judgemental sexual health and well-being service to trans* clients, members of the trans* community, their friends and families.


'PrEP FAQs' - Prepster

Published: January 2016

PrEPster aims to educate and agitate for PrEP access in England and beyond. and its related activities are produced by a volunteer group of London-based HIV prevention activists. We are independent from any statutory or voluntary sector organisations.

Terence Higgins Trust

‘Trans Men – Trans Health Matters’ – Terrence Higgins Trust

Published: June 2012

There are many sexual health guides out there, so why is this one different?
Because transmen are different; have different bodies and therefore experience different risks to the general population

terence higgins trusst

‘Trans Women – Trans Health Matters’ – Terrence Higgins Trust

Published: June 2012

There are many sexual health guides out there, so why is this one different?

Because trans women are different; have different bodies and therefore experience different risks to the general population. It’s not always easy for trans women to find correct information about sex and sexual health.


PRIMED2 : A Sex Guide for Trans Men into Men

This guide addresses the diverse sexual desires and sexual activities of gay, bi, and queer trans men. It includes important information on the choices we have and the questions we should ask to stay safe and healthy: sexually, mentally and emotionally.


Healthline - LGBTQIA Safe Sex Guide

Published: July 2018

This guide looks to explore how we have sex as LGBT people, and particularly looks to tackle the stigma of non-heterosexual, non-cisgender people engaging in sex.

Supporting Young Trans People / Education

Guidance for improving the experience of trans and non-binary people in tertiary education

Guidance for improving the experience of trans and non-binary people in tertiary education

This fully updated guide shows how educational staff can best support trans and non-binary people.

Generation in Transition

The 'Feeling Happy with my Gender' Fix: A Generation in Transition

A Generation in Transition offers a unique insight into the lived experiences of young people transitioning genders and will provide policy makers with a powerful resource for understanding their lives through their voices; because the real experts are those who know the most – the young people themselves.

Trans Youth in Foster Care: Know Your Rights

Trans Youth in Foster Care: Know Your Rights

Three Circles Fostering, an independent fostering agency based in the north west recently consulted with some young trsns people in Manchester to inform the publication of a new resource for anyone who is supporting trans young people who are in foster care.

public health england

‘Preventing suicide among trans young people: a toolkit for nurses’ – Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and Public Health England (PHE)

Published: May 2015

This toolkit is a collaboration between the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and Public Health England (PHE).

This is primarily for nurses who work with children and young people, whether in community or hospital settings, including:

  • school nurses
  • practice nurses
  • accident and emergency nurses

'Support resources for trans youth' - Gendered Intelligence

Gendered Intelligence offer text, email and phone support for young trans people. There is an application process for one-to-one mentoring support for young trans people. They organise an annual trans youth camping trip for 11 -25 year olds. Knowledge is Power, an online resource based on youth experiences and includes information on everything from language and pronouns, obtaining legal recognition to advice on gender expression such as make-up and chest binding.

In addition, although Gendered Intelligence is a support group for transgender youth this resource contains explanations which are generally useful for all family members and for service providers.

'Resources for Young People' - Mermaids UK

Mermaids run a youth group for gender diverse and trans people aged 12 - 19 year olds. They also have a helpline and Crisis Text support, for anyone experience mental health crisis. There are also many resources for young people and parents on health, binding, name changing, and further group support.

'Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit' - Brighton and Hove City Council

Published: September 2018

This toolkit advises teachers and decision makers on how to improve transgender inclusion in schools. It includes chapters on how to manage specific issues that gender variant youth will face such as toilets and changing rooms, safeguarding trans youth and how to challenge homophobic and transphobic language in school.

'The Equality Act 2010 and Schools' - Department for Education

Published: May 2014

This is a comprehensive guide aimed at teaching staff and governing bodies, advising how pupils ought to be protected under the 2010 Equality Act. This document isn't specific to gender variant pupils, but also relates to discrimination on the basis of race, sexuality, faith, gender and disability.

'Transgender Equality in Further Education' - GIRES

The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) have provided a link to an online resource that aims to promote trans equality in further education. It is focussed on both trans learners and staff members.

'Trans Information for young people' - The Proud Trust

A collection of resources, by Manchester based organisation The Proud Trust, aimed at school aged youth who are questioning their gender identity. There is signposting to youth support groups, explanation of your rights in school, how to deal with bullying and discrimination and a guide to coming out as trans to your parents and friends.