Vote With Pride: Navigating ID Requirements in UK Elections

Published: May 1, 2024 by Finn Grice

You need to show ID to vote in person in most UK elections. This includes the local elections being held tomorrow (02/05/24).

The full list of acceptable ID is available at- https://www.gov.uk/how-to-vote/photo-id-youll-need

Proxy voters must show their own ID, not the ID of the person they are voting on behalf of. You do not need to bring both IDs, only your own.

You will be turned away from the polling station if:

• You do not produce ID
• You do not consent to remove face masks or other face coverings
• Your ID no longer looks like you, even if it is in date or otherwise valid.

Polling staff may erroneously turn away voters with name/gender discrepancies.

It is strongly advised that, if you have a different name on your ID than the one used to register to vote, you bring your deed poll to prove your identity.

Polling staff cannot reject your ID due to gender, address or nationality discrepancies.

If you prefer to have your ID checked in private, this will be accommodated using a separate room or privacy screen. You should make your preference clear when speaking to polling staff.

If you believe you have been unfairly prevented from voting, you should calmly but firmly assert your right to participate as a registered voter with valid ID, if it is safe to do so. You could also ask to speak to the Presiding Officer, who has ultimate authority over who is allowed to vote at the polling station.

If you are rejected at the polling station, you can apply for an emergency proxy vote until 5pm on polling day (excluding Northern Ireland). Polling stations will remain open until 10pm.

To apply for an emergency proxy due to ineligible ID, you should complete this paper form and deliver it to your local electoral registration office (not the Electoral Commission) by 5 pm on polling day. The electoral registration office will contact the nominated proxy to confirm the application has been accepted.

Local electoral registration offices can be found here.

More information on voting can be found here.

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