Join LGBT Foundation for our Spring/Summer 2019 SexWithoutShame programme of events. We'll be celebrating sex, love, passion and pleasure through creative workshops, activities and spaces across Greater Manchester, with an array of sex-affirmative LGBTQ+ facilitators.

Give us a hand as we launch on International Masturbation Day (Tuesday 28th May) and take you on a sexpedition through to International Sex Day on Sunday 9th June.


Tuesday 28th May 6:30-8:30pm

LGBT Foundation, 5 Richmond St, Manchester M1 3HF

To celebrate International Masturbation Day, we’re inviting anyone who self-identifies as a woman, some or all the time, to this session which celebrates self-love and pleasure.

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Tuesday 28th May 6:30-8:30pm

Jūb, 149A Great Ancoats St, Manchester M4 6DH

To celebrate International Masturbation Day, we’re inviting anyone who self-identifies as a man, some or all the time, to this session which celebrates self-love and pleasure.

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Tuesday 28th May 6:30-8:30pm

Chapter One Books, Chatsworth House, 19 Lever Street, Manchester M1 1BY

To celebrate International Masturbation Day, we’re inviting anyone who self-identifies as non-binary, some or all the time, to this session which celebrates self-love and pleasure.

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Tuesday 28th May 6:30-8:30pm

Beatnikz, 35 Dale Street, Manchester, M1 2HF

What are the ethics of sending dick pics? How do we learn about politics through hook-up apps? Why do we even need to care? Join glitter-infused academic lawyer, Dr Sen Raj, to vent about what hook-up apps reveals about the pleasures, frustrations, and politics of hooking up. We’ll look at what our online sexual habits can teach us about the possibilities of fighting for justice, both inside and outside the bedroom.

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Wednesday 29th May 6:30-8:30pm

Twenty Twenty Two, 20 Dale St, Manchester M1 1EZ

Get to grips (literally) with art. A very hands on ceramics workshop taking a trip into the tactile. With plenty of activities to get beginners moving with clay, you can guarantee you will leave having made a stunning sculpture. Letter stamps are provided to in-script your reflections on the day.

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Thursday 30th May 7-9pm

Blackwells Manchester, University Green, 146 Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9GP

In partnership with Blackwells, Juno Roche returns to Manchester to talk about her book Queer Sex: A Trans and Non-Binary Guide to Intimacy, Pleasure and Relationships.

In this frank, funny and poignant book, transgender activist Juno Roche discusses sex, desire and dating with leading figures from the trans and non-binary community. Calling out prejudices and inspiring readers to explore their own concepts of intimacy and sexuality, the first-hand accounts celebrate the wonder and potential of trans bodies and push at the boundaries of how society views gender, sexuality and relationships. Empowering and necessary, this collection shows all trans people deserve to feel brave, beautiful and sexy.

Juno Roche is an internationally recognised trans writer and campaigner. She is the co-founder of Trans Workers UK and the Trans Teacher Network and featured on the Independent's Rainbow List 2015 and 2016. Her new book 'Trans Power: Own Your Gender' is out in October.

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Friday 31st May 6:30-8:30pm

ThoughtWorks, Federation House, 4, 2 Federation St, Manchester M4 4BF

Join Poet and Hairy Girl Gang member Roma Havers for a workshop on finding joy wherever hair grows, a shame-free space to have honest conversations around complicated relationships with our hair, evergreen or deciduous, whether you shave, stave off or somewhere in between. This workshop will facilitate storytelling surrounding hair and queer bodies, using writing, conversation, myth dispelling and skill-sharing.

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EVERY MONTH: Addressing period poverty in Greater Manchester

Saturday 1st June 1-3pm

LGBT Foundation, 5 Richmond Street, Manchester, M1 3HF

Rosy Candlin founded and runs Every Month, which is a community project that creates 800 packs of menstrual products for people experiencing any kind of poverty in Greater Manchester.

Rosy will guide us through community activism techniques to address sexual health and social injustices from writing letters to councillors to mobilising across social media.

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Saturday 1st June 3-5pm

LGBT Foundation, 5 Richmond Street, Manchester, M1 3HF

It's conclusive - people living with HIV who are on effective medication cannot pass on the virus to their partners. And with more and more pressure for PrEP and continued campaigns promoting regular testing, it feels like we really could end HIV within a generation.

But what does this mean for our community and for our proud history of HIV activism?

Everyone is welcome at this creative workshop with artist and HIV activist Nathaniel Hall where we will envision the future of HIV and our community, and in the spirit of the HIV activism of past, create posters, slogans and strategies to help us finally reach the destination we've been working towards for nearly 40 years.

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Saturday 1st June 5-7pm

LGBT Foundation, 5 Richmond Street, Manchester, M1 3HF

Japanese rope bondage, or Shibari is a popular form of kink play that is sexy, intimate and visually stunning. It is also incredibly versatile, - easy to learn (if you can tie shoelaces you already have all the skills you need), and inexpensive. J Lythgoe will be leading a 90 minute Shibari basics workshop as part of the SexWithoutShame Takeover, covering everything you need to start tying safely and creating practical and great looking bondage. We advise that you wear a top that’s comfortable and you don’t mind getting rope fibres on and bring a bottle of water.

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Saturday 1st June 7-9pm

LGBT Foundation, 5 Richmond Street, Manchester, M1 3HF

Interested in exploring fetish as part of your sexual wellbeing? Join our facilitators for a fun and explorative session addressing kit, techniques and joining the scene.

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Sunday 2nd June 2-4pm

LEAF, 113–115 Portland Street, Manchester M1 6DW

A chilled out, social space to discuss sex without drugs and alcohol. We'll explore alternatives to sexualised environments, how we can address addiction and desire, and how queer culture is changing where we meet one another.

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Monday 3rd June 6:30-8:30pm

Chapter One Books, Chatsworth House, 19 Lever Street, Manchester M1 1BY

Are you an LGBT person of colour? Do you want to address HIV and sexual wellbeing stigma faced by LGBT BAME people? This interactive session will address the barriers that people of colour face when exploring their sexual identity and accessing services which should meet their needs. Whether you want to share your experience or become an advocate, we'll help empower you will the skills and knowledge to address stigma.

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Tuesday 4th June 6:30-8pm

The New Gatehouse Bolton, Cawdor Street, Farnworth, Bolton BL4 7LX

Join Oliver Crabtree for a life drawing class in Gatehouse, an LGBT-affirmative swingers club in Bolton. You don’t need to have life-drawing experience or be a regular at saunas/sex-on-premises venues to take part in the session. We’ll provide all the materials, just bring an open-mind.

This workshop is for all LGBT people, non-binary people and their partners.

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Thursday 6th June 6:30-8pm

No. 70 Oxford Street, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, M1 5NH

Join Dr. Andrew Moor, Chair of the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies for an evening of cinema, TV and a discussion about the portrayal of queer sex on screen. We'll explore what archives show the early gay pride movement said about sexualised imagery, and how we've being represented within the last generation.

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Thursday 6th June 7-9pm

ThoughtWorks, Federation House, 4, 2 Federation St, Manchester M4 4BF

Assemble, advocate, and activate: a look to history and queer theory to help unleash our inner (or not so inner!) activists.

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Friday 7th June 8pm-2am

Common, 39-41 Edge Street, Manchester M4 1HW

Join residents Elliss and DJ Mix-Stress of the RebeccaNeverBecky collective for an immersive workshop and club night exploring queer art alongside a soundtrack to take you through the motions.

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Saturday 8th June 3-6pm

Chapter One Books, Chatsworth House, 19 Lever Street, Manchester M1 1BY

Want to know more about the sex worker rights movement? Unclear on how sex worker rights fit in with feminism? Come along and get your questions answered!

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Sunday 9th June 2-4pm

Chapter One Books, Chatsworth House, 19 Lever Street, Manchester M1 1BY

Grab a coffee (or tea!) and join us as we chat all things consent, tackling myths, challenging problematic perspectives and helping to create a culture of consent.

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Talk Openly

Talk openly about the sex you want to have.

Don’t be scared to advocate for your own sexual wellbeing – sex should be fun and give you the opportunity to explore your own wants and needs as well as those of your partner(s).

Finding out what you and your partner(s) like opens you up to having more of the sex you love, exploring passion, and pleasure. Whether you do or don’t like penetration, if you’re into sex toys or oral sex, or you want to try mutual masturbation, talk about this!

You can down our Sex Guides on our website at

Want support with your chems usage? You read some of our tips on dosing and find out about our ChemSex services at

Want to speak to a member of the Sexual Health team? Call 0345 3 30 30 30 or email

Take Control

Take control of your sexual health and wellbeing, and reduce your risk of HIV transmission.

Condoms and lube
Before using a condom, you need to check that it has not passed its best before date. They should have the kite mark and the SE mark to show condoms are good quality. Replace condoms between partner(s), holes and during longer/rougher sex sessions. Make sure you use plenty of lube - this can help make sex more comfortable and enjoyable. Find out more at

PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a HIV medication taken by someone who is HIV negative before and after sex, to reduce their risk of HIV infection. There are different ways to take it depending on the type of sex you intend to have. Find out more at

You can access PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis), a course of HIV medication taken within 72 hours after a suspected exposure to HIV, to reduce your risk of HIV infection. It’s free and available from a sexual health (GUM) clinic or A&E. Find out more at

Developments in HIV treatment now mean that someone who is HIV positive and has an undetectable viral load can’t pass HIV on to someone who is HIV negative. This is also known as undetectable = untransmittable (U=U). Find out more at

Test Regularly

LGBT Foundation runs a rapid HIV testing service from our Community Centre in Manchester's Gay Village, Mondays 5-9pm and Saturdays 1-5pm. We also run a full STI screening service 5-9pm on Fridays. You can book your appointment at

Not based in Manchester? You can find details of your nearest sexual health service, where to order to STI and HIV self-sampling kits and how to purchase a HIV self-test kit, at

LGBT Foundation offers a text reminder service, sending you a text every 3 months to remind you that it might be time to take a HIV test. If you’d like us to text you, visit