There is a great deal of interesting and important research on LGBT communities being carried out at the moment, much of this research relies on LGBT people getting involved and sharing their experiences. If you are LGBT and would like to have your voice heard by participating in ongoing research see below for projects you can get involved in.

Romantic Relationship Experiences for Transgender Individuals


The aim of this project is to explore relationship experiences in transgender individuals and the impact of gender transition on romantic relationships. We are trying to improve the understanding and awareness of relationship experiences for transgender individuals and hope to then be able to use this to help support transgender individuals further in the future.


We are looking to recruit participants aged over 18, UK based, who self-identify as transgender or nonbinary with experience of coming out to romantic partner (current or past).

How to get involved:

This is an online survey including open answer questions as well as specific measures of relationship satisfaction and overall health. The link is: or please email with any questions.


End of 2019

Trans and Non-binary Experiences of Sex

This study is looking at trans and non-binary adults’ experiences of sex, including positive aspects and any difficulties. Around thirty individuals are being interviewed. More details are on the project page at The participant information sheet, poster and flyer can be downloaded here too.

Who should get in touch:

This research is for people who:

  • Identify as transgender in some way (broadly defined, including trans, non-binary having a transsexual history)
  • are aged at least 18 years old
  • normally live in the UK
  • have some experience of sex (even a little bit and doesn’t have to be with other people)

Trans women and any trans feminine people are particularly encouraged to get in contact.

What is involved:

The interview will last about an hour, or up to two hours if you have lots to say. I am aiming to meet everyone face to face and can travel to meet you. Phone or online interviews can be offered if needed for accessibility reasons.

When to get in touch:

I hope to complete interviews by April 2020.

Email George Burrows on If you prefer, you can text 07912 778 294 or find my Twitter profile and send a message.

An Exploration of Older LGBT+ People’s Social Drinking Practices: A Life-Course Perspective

I am interested in looking at drinking as a social practice, taking our environment, social connections and social norms across time into account. The Rainbow OPTICS study is exploring and comparing the social drinking practices of older LGBT+ people in different settings and across the course of their lives.

Participant Requirements

I'm looking to recruit LGBT+ people living in England, aged 45 and above, to take part in either a focus group or a diary-interview.

This study is not aimed at people who have struggled/are struggling with alcohol.

Share your experiences, views and preferences about drinking in public places, including different sorts of venues that may be more, or less, LGBT+ welcoming, as well as places such as the home. Join a focus group to share your views of LGBT+ people's social drinking practices in a discussion with up to 8 other people. Or, write about the times you drink alcohol over a 4 week period, in a specially prepared diary, and then discuss these and past experiences with me in an interview.


The deadline for recruitment is 31st July 2020.


If you would like to take part in either the focus group or diary interview you can sign up here or please email Frances at:

Offensive No Longer? A Study of Tabooness, Language Processing and Reclamation

I am looking to recruit participants for an experiment, which is designed to collect information about the way in which the brain processes potentially offensive language, and how this might be linked to issues of identity. My research focuses on offensive language applying to the LGBTQ+ community in particular. The experiment typically takes between 15 and 20 minutes to complete, and takes place in the Psycholinguistics lab on the University of Nottingham's main University Park campus.

Participant Requirements:

I am looking to recruit participants who identify as LGBTQ+; are between the ages of 16 and 30; are native or near-native (spoken fluently from a young age) speakers of British English; and who would be able to attend a lab session in-person at the University of Nottingham's University Park campus.

How to Contact:

Anyone who is interested in participating can get in touch with Daniel Edmondson (, to arrange a session in the lab at their convenience. The only times in which I am unable to book a session are Wednesdays 09:00 - 13:00. I am happy to provide an information sheet which gives detailed information about the study, as well as answer any additional questions.


The experiment is running from now (week commencing September 30th) until December 20th.

Research on Bisexuality in the Workplace

We are looking for people who are UK resident, have worked in the UK for a minimum of 2 years and identify themselves as bisexual.

The overall purpose of this research is to investigate the identity work of bisexual employees in the workplace.

Participants will be asked to meet for a chat lasting about 30-40 minutes, at a (quiet) location of their choice. Interviews will be carried out by Dora Jandric, the research assistant on the project. Interviews can also be carried out on Skype or by telephone.

If you are interested in taking part, please email Dora Jandric at:

LGBTQI+ Lives in England Research Project

Are you lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex (LGBTQI+)? Living in England? Aged 18+? We are now recruiting again for interview participants for the LGBTQI+ Lives in England part of our project. We are especially keen to interview LGBTQI+ people of colour, people aged over 65, and people who are intersex.

If you are LGBTQI+, in one or more of these groups, and would like to take part, please sign up here:

You can find more info here:

Queering Refugee Law: A Study of Sexual and Gender Minority Asylum Guidance and Practice

This study seeks to ensure that the views and experiences of gender and sexual minority asylum seekers are represented in debates over the UK asylum system. Drawing on the contributions of LGBTQ+ or Queer refugees, this study seeks to question the current UK approach to determining the ‘credibility’ of an individual’s sexual or gender identity.

The researcher is looking for:

Individuals who have been granted asylum in the UK for a reason relating to their sexual or gender identity.

What is required from you:

The study only requires you to meet me once on a face to face basis. The meeting will last around 90-120 minutes.

For more information on this research project see here.

If you would like to get involved or have any questions please email Alex at

Contesting Austerity: Feminist and LGBTQ Responses to Changing Health and Social Care Provision in Manchester

A research study is being conducted to understand the responses of feminists and LGBTQ groups and organisations to cuts on health and social care provision for HIV/AIDS and mental health in Manchester. In conducting this new area of research, the study hopes to identify sustainable responses to HIV/AIDS and mental health provision and enhance co-operation between the work of feminist and LGBTQ groups and organisations who work in this area.

The researcher is looking to interview individuals who may:

  • be involved with health and social care provision and/or policy for the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership
  • have knowledge of and/or an interest in HIV/AIDS and/or mental health policy in Manchester, or
  • be responding to cuts to health and social care provision in Manchester.

  • What is required from you:

    Participation in this project will consist of one interview which will last approximately one hour and can be conducted in person or via Skype, whichever is preferred by you. It will consist of a series of open-ended questions designed to draw upon your knowledge of changes to the provision of HIV/AIDS and/or mental health services in Manchester.

    If you would like to get involved please email Craig at:

    Please note that unless otherwise stated, the research listed here is being carried out by organisations external to LGBT Foundation. While we have made every effort to ensure that this research is being carried out in line with our ethical research guidelines, we cannot take direct responsibility for these projects and cannot guarantee the subsequent publication of the research that we are promoting below. Any queries related to these research opportunities should be directed to the relevant university or organisation.

    If you would like you research to feature on this page please email with:

    • A summary of your research project,
    • What group/ groups of people you would like to participate (e.g. LGBT people living in Manchester, 50+ LGBT people),
    • How you would like participants to get involved (e.g. by answering a survey, attending a focus group etc),
    • A deadline by which you need participants to get in touch,
    • A copy of your ethical approval.

    Please first read LGBT Foundation’s Guide to Ethical Research and ensure your research is compliant.

    Due to the large number of requests we get, all requests must be for research being carried out at a post-graduate level, therefore unfortunately we cannot help with undergraduate research requests.

    Furthermore we cannot support any research being carried out independently so any requests must also state the university/organisation that you are a part of and have sought ethical approval through.