At LGBT Foundation we have a variety of volunteer roles providing support to our service users and the staff team, which are great for dedicated people who are able to commit plenty of time.

Here you can find long-term volunteering roles that we are currently recruiting for. This page will be regularly updated so you can apply for specific volunteering roles.

Sackville Gardens Clean up

When: Every Thursday 11am-2pm

The Sackville Gardens Clean Up programme is a community initiative, run by LGBT Foundation, to help clean and Maintain Sackville Gardens. Sackville Gardens is at the heart of the Gay village and serves as a social and community space. The Sackville Gardens Clean Up programme aims to keep The Gay Village clean, safe and welcoming for all visitors.

Volunteers will head out to Sackville Gardens in groups of 3-6 people. As well as working on the shift, it is also an opportunity to socialise and engage with the local community. All volunteers will be provided with litter pickers, gardening gloves and coats if they need them. All volunteers are provided with travel expenses (providing the procedure has been followed) and lunch is provided.

This is a fun opportunity for those of you that enjoy the outdoors and working as part of a close-knit team.

If you'd like to get involved with the Sackville Gardens Clean-Up, please fill out our online volunteering form.

Our Women's Groups Needs You!

We are looking for a dedicated and passionate volunteer or volunteers to help plan and facilitate our Women’s social groups.

Bloomers is a social support group for lesbian and bisexual women over the age of 40 which takes place on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month between 1pm and 3pm.

Horizon is a social support group for lesbian and bisexual over the age of 18 which takes place on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month between 7:30pm and 9pm.

The LGBT Foundation’s support and social groups provide safe, non-judgemental and positive environments for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or questioning people to meet, talk, share, interact and socialise. Each group has a specific unique aim, and, through structured and well planned facilitation from volunteers, group members gain the support and encouragement they need to be confident and feel less isolated. All groups provide an opportunity to meet others and build friendships, as well as support networks beyond the group.

Please read our role profile for the role. if you are interested in becoming a volunteer for Bloomers or Horizon, please fill out our volunteering form.