LGBT Foundation is committed to amplifying LGBT voices across everything we do.

We conduct original and innovative research that highlights LGBT people’s needs and experiences; we inform stakeholders of appropriate action; and work to change policy and practice to improve life for LGBT people.

We are constantly working to ensure that our communities are able to effectively challenge decisions that affect them and are able to access information and data that can support them in influencing and challenging the issues which affect them.

In this section of the website you can find our Evidence Exchange, our research guidance, information about research to participate in, our publications, our responses to policy consultations and policy briefings we have produced.

LGBT Foundation's Policy and Research Team

Photo of Ibtisam Ahmed

Ibtisam Ahmed (he/him)

I work as the Policy and Research Manager at LGBT Foundation, having started my role in March 2021. I coordinate our various policy goals and research initiatives, coordinate all policy and research volunteers, and liaise with the rest of the organisation to ensure that we are best serving our community. My work includes external collaborations with other charities to ban conversion therapy in the UK, understand the impact of voter ID access, improve conditions for those seeking refuge and asylum, and work for greater trans and non-binary equity. I am especially keen to embed principles of decolonisation, anti-racism, cultural impact, and utopian activism in my work.

Selected Publications:

The Queer Immigrant Body as a Space of Utopia (book chapter) – 2020, Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Decolonising Queer Bangladesh: neoliberalism against LGBTQ+ emancipation (book chapter) – 2019, e-IR Publishing

The Difficult Path of Queerness in the Age of the Postcolonial – 2017, Shuddashar

Clothing the Other: The Use of Fashion in Pursuit of a British Imperial Utopia – 2016, Sociology Study

Michael Petch (They/Them)

I work as Policy and Research Coordinator at LGBT Foundation, and have been working here since 2017. I have worked in sexual health and training before now being in the Policy and Research team. I lead on LGBT Foundation's involvement in the "Integrating Care for Trans Adults" research project, called ICTA for short, as well as being project manager and principle investigator for ITEMS, or "Improving Trans Experiences of Maternity Services".


A Typology of Trans health Initiatives - March 2020, LGBT Foundation & the Open University.

Review of the Integration of Trans Health - March 2020, LGBT Foundation & the Open University.

Trans Sexual Health Survey - July 2020, LGBT Foundation.

You Build Your Own Family, that's how you get through it: Understanding LGBT people's experiences of severe and multiple disadvantage - August 2020, LGBT Foundation.

Housing, Aging & Care: What Manchester's LGBT Communities want from the UK's first purpose-built LGBT extra care scheme - October 2020, LGBT Foundation