What is a Play Pack?

LGBT Foundation, in partnership with MAC AIDs Fund, have developed “Play Packs” for gay, bi and other men who have sex with men, specifically for people taking part in group sex, and for people who are engaging in chemsex.

They are in sent in normal envelopes, and the box is all black, on the outside, to make it discreet, and they are completely free.

What is in a play pack?

Our Play Packs are full to the brim of sexual health resources, below we have explained how to best use them, and taken a picture so you can see what you are getting!

What is in a play pack?

Our Play Packs are full to the brim of sexual health resources, below we have explained how to best use them, and taken a picture so you can see what you are getting!

Condoms and sachets of lube:

You can put these latex condoms on to your penis, your partner’s penis, or on sex toys, and this will reduce the chance of passing on STIs. Condoms can also be turned into dental dams which can act as a barrier if you are rimming, or if you are having oral sex with someone who has a vagina.

Our sachets of lube are water-based, so they work well with latex condoms. Lube can make sex more pleasurable, and it will also reduce the risk of tearing the condom, or damaging the skin of you and your partners.

Fingering and Fisting Gloves

It is possible for people to transmit syphilis through fingering and fisting, so it is important to use fisting gloves so that there is no skin-to-skin contact.

Bottle of Lube

This lube can be used for fisting and fingering with the gloves, but it will also work with the condoms, as it is water-based. Lube is important during fisting and fingering, as it will make it more comfortable and enjoyable, and prevent tearing of the anus or vagina, and decrease risk of transmission of STIs.

Vibrating Cock Ring

This is designed to be put onto a penis or sex toy after a condom, and it would go to the bottom of the penis or sex toy. When using it on a penis, it should not be used for more than 20 minutes at a time, though you can remove it earlier if you start to feel any pain or discomfort. It can also be used all over the body.

Anti-Bacterial Wipes

You can use these wipes to clean sex toys between partners, though it is still important to use condoms over sex toys, and swap these between partners. They can also be used to clean hands and fingers, and on the body too.

Other resources

Play packs also contain some information about our testing clinics, and about our drug and alcohol service, if you need it. They also have a feedback form which has a FREEPOST address where you can let us know what you like about the play pack. Send us your feedback, and you could win one of our Super Play Packs, filled with even more toys, condoms and lube.

What will you do with this data I give you?

We use the information we collect from you to:

  • post out the play pack to the correct person and address
  • help us understand the sexual health and wellbeing of those who order the play packs and how these may be of benefit to them

This information will only be shared with LGBT Foundation staff unless otherwise stated.

We use your data to improve your experience. We will share some of the information you provide us with to our funders but ensure that doesn't identify you personally (e.g not your name, and the region that you live in rather than your postcode). This helps us to shape our services and ensure that they remain free to you.

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