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What is a Play Pack?

LGBT Foundation, in partnership with MAC AIDs Fund, have developed Play Packs for gay, bi and other men who have sex with men, and trans women, who take part in group sex and/or ChemSex.

These FREE packs are discreetly posted in plain envelopes, and the box is all black on the outside to protect your privacy.

Who is eligible for a Play Pack?

  • Gay, bi and other men who have sex with men, and trans women
  • Recipients must have a UK postcode
  • Poeple who take part in group sex and/or ChemSex

What is in a play pack?

Our Play Packs are full to the brim of sexual health goodies and resources. Don't forget to fill in and return the feedback form for a chance to win our Super Play Pack full of sex toys and fun!


We have a range of latex and latex-free condoms which can be used on sex toys, fingers, or a penis to reduce the chance of passing on STIs. Condoms can also be turned into dental dams which can act as a barrier if you are rimming, or if you are having oral sex with someone who has a vagina.

Bottle and Sachets of Lube:

The lube we provide is water-based, so you can use it with condoms without worrying about damaging the condom. Lube is important during fisting, fingering, and anal sex, to reduce friction and make sex more enjoyable. If you're using enough lube, you're less likely to tear your skin or break the condom, so you'll avoid pain and reduce the chance of passing on STIs.

Fingering and Fisting Gloves

It is possible for to pass on STIs through fingering and fisting, so it is important to wear gloves to reduce skin-to-skin contact and reduce risk.

Vibrating Ring

These vibrating rings can be used on a penis or sex toy, or used as an external vibrator. They will provide up to 20 minutes of fun and sexy pleasure. If using on a penis, make sure you remove it if you're starting to feel any pain or discomfort.

LGBT-Inclusive Sex Guides

Our LGBT-inclusive Sex Guides provide you with information on all types of sex to help you have better, safer, and more fulfilling sex. There's so much information in here that it may not all be relevant to you, but there's a little something for everyone!

Other Resources

Our Play Packs also contain information about our testing clinics, PEP, PrEP, and information about our drug and alcohol service in case you need it. There's also a pre-addressed FREEPOST feedback form which you can use to let us know what you like about the Play Packs or how we can improve them. Send us your feedback, and you could win one of our Super Play Packs, filled with even more toys, condoms and lube.

What will you do with this data I give you?

We use the information we collect from you to:

  • post out the play pack to the correct person and address
  • help us understand the sexual health and wellbeing of those who order the play packs and how these may be of benefit to them

This information will only be shared with LGBT Foundation staff unless otherwise stated.

We use your data to improve your experience. We will share some of the information you provide us with to our funders but ensure that doesn't identify you personally (e.g not your name, and the region that you live in rather than your postcode). This helps us to shape our services and ensure that they remain free to you.

Order your Play Pack

Please note we cannot send you a Play Pack if you don't consent for us to process your information, and if you don't meet the eligibility criteria as listed above.

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Consent to contacy if faults w/ Playpack:
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Postal Address:
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Gender Identity - Please State:
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Sexual Orientation:
Sexual Orientation - Other, Please State:
Ethnicity - Other, Please State:
Who do you have sex with?:
Describe partner(s) you have sex with?:
What kinds of sex do you do?:
Do you engage in any of the following?:
Method(s) of protection use during sex?:
Method(s) of Protection - Other, Please:
How often do you engage in group sex?:
Method(s) of protection use in group sex:
Group Sex Protection - Other:
How often do you engage in Chem Sex?:
Which chems do you use?:
Chems You Use - Other, Please State:
How do you take your chems?:
Method(s) of protection during chem sex?:
Chem Sex Protection - Other:
Who measures/administers your chems?:
Have you been tested for HIV before?:
If tested before, when was recent test?:
Are you living with HIV:
Been vaccinated for Hepatitis A & B?:
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have you been tested for STI's before?:
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