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Published: April 18, 2024 by Chal Zon

In 2024, around 76,000 people in the UK will die from smoking, with many more contracting debilitating smoking-related illnesses. LGBTQ+ people are at a much higher risk of smoking than heterosexual people – with some communities like lesbian and bisexual women almost 10% more likely to smoke. It’s easy to fall into smoking in social situations or as a coping strategy for emotional or psychological issues. As spring begins and our social calendars begin to fill up, maybe it’s time to take stock of the impact smoking has on your health.

Quitting is easier in the community

Quitting can be really difficult – but there’s support out there. LGBTQ+ people often face complex barriers to quitting, including fear of discrimination in mainstream healthcare. But our community has taken action to create peer support spaces that understand the unique experience of LGBTQ+ with smoking. No-one blooms in isolation – reaching out to your loved ones, peer support groups, and LGBTQ+-affirming healthcare professionals will provide the nourishment you need to stop smoking. Studies show that people who access local stop-smoking services are 3 times more likely to quit than going it alone. LGBT Foundation have worked hard over the past few years to promote LGBTQ+ inclusion in Manchester’s stop smoking services – we’ve trained Greater Manchester’s stop smoking services and healthcare professionals in LGBTQ+ diversity & inclusion, created smokefree spaces in local Pride events, and fought for LGBTQ+ representation in Manchester’s stop smoking campaigns. If you want to start the Spring with a healthier heart, lungs, and mind, you can find support below:

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