We know that true equality won’t be possible without all members of LGBT communities feeling welcome, heard, and represented. There is no equality for some without equality for all, and we are united in our determination to build a better world for every single person in our beautifully diverse family.

Earlier this year we launched our new campaign, Equality Wins to raise the voices of all LGBT people, including those who have been underrepresented or marginalised for too long. Our campaign will bring our communities together to change attitudes and behaviours in wider society.

There is still much more to do to ensure a safe, healthy and equal future for all LGBT people. We’ve seen in recent times that our hard-won rights are never guaranteed. Equality Wins will create a social movement for change, campaign to protect and extend LGBT rights, and challenge prejudice and discrimination wherever it exists.

We are committed to protecting and advancing the rights of all LGBT people. We will always continue to support and champion the full diversity of LGBT communities, despite those who wish to divide us.

Our campaign will bring LGBT communities together to challenge prejudice, raise awareness and change hearts and minds in wider society. We have seen from recent campaigns, such as the LGBT inclusive education campaign, that when our communities come together we are able to mobilise policy-makers, LGBT communities and the wider public under the banner of Equality Wins.

Together we can achieve a fair and equal society where all lesbian, gay, bi and trans people can achieve their full potential.