DP Building Systems, a specialist cable company, recently partnered with LGBT Foundation to support our work. By producing the amazing high quality rainbow 5-in-1 fast charging cables, DP Building Systems hope to raise vital awareness and funds to ensure that LGBT Foundation continues to be there for every single LGBT person.

The inventor of the product Adam* tragically lost his friend Jake* to suicide after he struggled for years with issues related to his sexual orientation and his fears that he will be “bring shame” and be rejected by his family.

Adam said, “He is a great guy, and very much missed. I just wish he had the support of an organisation like LGBT Foundation. No one should feel that their own option is suicide.”

LGBT people experience disproportionately poor mental health in comparison to the general population, and are at much greater risk of experiencing suicidal thoughts or attempting suicide. Sadly, there are many LGBT people who feel that there is nowhere to turn to for support and that their only option is to end their own life. With your help we can change that.

To ensure that LGBT Foundation can be there for people like Jake, you can help show your support by purchasing the rainbow USB cable, available on DP Building Systems' website and on Amazon.

**Names have been changed to protect the anonymity of those involved.