Bi Series is LGBT Foundation's first series of events for bi people, launched in 2017.

We started the Bi Series because we know bi people have different and specific life experiences and need their own spaces. Through the Bi series, LGBT Foundation aims to provide a space where the bi community can meet, talk and share experiences.

We host events every other month on issues relevant to bi people.

Our 2017 events are listed below:

February: Bi History

Jen Yockney MBE gave a talk at the People's History Museum on forgotten bi history, followed by an interactive exhibition.

April: Bi Relationships

Jackie Hagan, playwright and artist facilitated an art making workshop, followed by a workshop on healthy relationships.

June: Bi Wellbeing

Counsellor and bi activist Grant Denkinson facilitated a discussion on bi wellbeing and attendees made their own self-care packs.

August: Bi Takeover

The weekend before Manchester Pride we hosted 'Bi Takeover' one day of bi events themed on community, campaigning and creativity.

October: Bi Health

With help from our Pride and Practice team, we spoke about bi health inequalities and ran a bi rapid HIV testing clinic.

December: Bi Talented

To celebrate the end of the year, we will be celebrating performers and artists in the bi communtity. Booking details soon!

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"The Bi Series [...] helped me come out to my long term partner."
"This event was the first place I've ever met other out bisexual women."
"I was never brave enough to come to an LGBT event before the Bi Series."

The Bisexual Index

The Biseual Index is a Bisexual organisation combating biphobia and negative bisexual images, working to improve bi visibility in the UK.

We recommend two pages from the Bisexual Index site: "FAQs" and "Am I bisexual?"

Bi's of Colour

Bisexuals of Colour are a welcoming supportive group for bisexuals who identify as Black Minority Ethnic or Mixed Heritage.


BiPhoria is a social & support group for bisexual people in and around Manchester - and those who think they may be bi. The main group meetings are the first Tuesday of each month, from 7.30pm sharp, at the LGBT Foundation, 5 Richmond Street.

Getting Bi in a gay/straight world

Getting Bi in a gay/straight world' is a bisexual resource produced by Biphoria in 2011, with support from BiUK, Bisexual Index, Bi Community News and LGBT Foundation.

Bi Community News

Bi Community News is a bimonthly bisexual magazine based in the UK. They also have a great directory of bi support groups and events!


Biscuit is a magazine and mixed purpose organisation catering to modern bisexual women and femmes. Biscuit has won he prestigious 'Stonewall Publication of the Year' award.