Welcome to the Ambition for Ageing Equalities Board

We are a group of people, supported by a small team of equalities workers, who know about discrimination. Together we use our combined wisdom to advise the Programme Board of the Ambition for Ageing programme, creating and researching more age-friendly communities across Greater Manchester.

Some of the board members are older people who have experienced inequalities in our lives, through disability, gender, ethnic background, sexuality, or because of other life experiences. Other members are professionals from equalities organisations in Greater Manchester. The Equalities Board is supported by 3 part-time staff based at LGBT Foundation.

Together we try to understand how different communities experience ageing, how our life experiences of inequality and our different identities come together - and how all of this affects the kinds of communities we want to live in as we get older. That way we help the programme meet the needs of all older people.

Please get in touch if you’d like to join us.

Hannah, Sarah and Clare

T: 0345 330 3030 | X: 310

E: afa@lgbt.foundation

Photo from the launch of the Equalities Board - Photo Credit to Shaheda Choudhury