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We are the Equalities Board (EB). We are a group of people who know about discrimination and inequality from our life experiences, or because of our work. Three part-time staff support the board.

We are part of Ambition for Ageing (AfA), which helps people to make their communities more age-friendly - better for people over 50. To find out more from the AfA website click here.

Download an easy-read leaflet about AfA here.

What is the purpose of the Equalities Board?

The Equalities Board helps Ambition for Ageing understand what makes people equal and unequal. This helps AfA help people in minority communities, and others who are marginalised (at the edges of society).

Research shows that older people who are marginalised are more likely to be isolated. We know that if we make things better for marginalised people, then everyone gets a better deal and communities can be more age-friendly.

We know that when people from minority communities have a say in making decisions, then things get better for everyone.

We want to make all our information easier to access. If you find this website hard to use, please contact Clare, Hannah or Sarah at afa@lgbt.foundation, or call 0345 3 30 30 30 (ext. 310).

To see a glossary (list of difficult words and phrases) used to talk about equalities in AFA. click here, or go to our resources page here.

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Speech bubble: "Who is most at risk of being isolated?"


  • Older older people, i.e. people over 75
  • Men
  • People who are not in a relationship
  • People who live alone
  • People who belong to minorities (e.g because of disability, sexual orientation, race, religion, transgender)
  • People who live in poverty
  • People in poor health
  • Carers

What members say:

"The Equalities Board has given me a way to meet people from other minority groups whom I would not normally come across, and start to see things from their perspective."

"I have enjoyed visiting local delivery areas and seeing what they are doing in their communities. It is very important because it is older people in local communities raising awareness of the needs and interests of diverse older people."

Ageing Equally? Research Projects Have Now Begun

All the Ageing Equally research projects have now started, and you can read the full list here. There are five shorter research projects being done by members of the Equalities Board and ten longer research projects. The shorter projects will finish soon and the Equalities Board will produce simpler reports for each research project that are easier to read.

'Event report: Ageing Equally in Greater Manchester?'

Read all about our event at Manchester City Art Gallery on 6th December - a great day of learning about research into ageing and inequality.

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