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5 Steps to Protect Yourself and Your Partners from Syphilis

Published: June 22, 2023 by odawson

As cases rise, it’s crucial to arm ourselves with knowledge and take control of our sexual wellbeing. We want to let you know five vital steps to protect against syphilis while fostering open and shame-free discussions about sexual health.

1. Safer Sex:

– Condoms are your trusted allies protecting yourself from syphilis and other STIs. Make sure to use them consistently during vaginal, anal, and oral encounters to maintain pleasure while reducing the risk of transmission.

– Discover other barrier methods: Explore the world of dental dams, gloves, and other protective tools. These options provide an extra layer of protection and encourage open communication and consent, enhancing both safety and pleasure.

Remember, cultivating open conversations with your partners about sexual health builds trust and helps to ensure you can enjoy the best sex you can while protecting yourself and your partners.

2. Regular Testing is Key!

Ready to unleash your inner detective? Regular testing is your secret weapon against syphilis and all other STIs. Visit your local Sexual Health (GUM) clinics or access our testing services at LGBT Foundation for a full STI screening. Regular testing enables early detection and timely treatment. Keep in mind that syphilis may take up to 90 days to show up in tests, so regular testing and knowing about this window period is important.

3. Talk openly with your partners:

– Mutual Respect and Honesty: Prioritise your sexual health and value open conversations. Establishing mutual respect and honesty fosters a culture of consent and shared responsibility.

– Open Communication: Create a safe space where discussing sexual health feels natural and free from shame. Encourage talking about testing, boundaries, and desires. This empowers you and your partner(s) to make informed decisions, ensuring a healthier and more fulfilling sex life.

4. Know your stuff:

Knowledge is your superpower! Empower yourself with information about syphilis, its symptoms, and how it’s passed on. Understanding this infection helps you identify potential risks and seek testing and support. Remember, symptoms may not always be obvious, so staying informed ensures effective protection for yourself and others.

5. Treatment works:

Thankfully, syphilis is a treatable STI. More info about syphilis is here. Test regularly and if you’re a contact of someone who has tested positive you should seek treatment, if you need help with this you can contact us.

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