I think there needs to be more understanding of trans identities, particularly non binary people. There also needs to be less fat phobia and stigma around mental health and disabilities. These cause a lot of barriers to people accessing the services they require.

I have had experience of medical professionals trying to attribute other conditions to me being trans when they are entirely unrelated. I have also been questioned about various elements of transition. Most of the time I answer questions because I would rather people were educated, but it’s great when I don’t have to feel responsible for that and can have a normal appointment.

In addition, when I started to transition and went to my GP to ask for referral they didn’t understand what I was asking.

Often when I have had any queries about hormones, GPs aren’t confident following the endocrinologists instructions and refer everything back to them. This has caused delays in my treatment at times.

I have had a much better experience while being in Tameside. I very rarely have to explain anything. My nurse understands my hormones and I feel confident going to my appointments. I am managing to get support with a lot of conditions that I wasn’t able to before. When I access primary care now, I feel like I am taken seriously and believed.

Last year I had some gender reassignment surgery and had a post-surgical infection, which led to needing a lot of wound care. It was a very distressing experience. I had appointments for dressing changes daily for several weeks. The district nursing team at Ashton Primary Care Centre were excellent. I did feel particularly vulnerable going there but they put me at ease straight away. I felt very safe with them and never like I was judged or on show. They understood my needs without me needing to explain.

I feel safer when I can be open about my identity without judgement. It allows me to be more open about other aspects of my life and confident asking for help when I need it rather than waiting for an emergency to deal with something

- Cyd, Tameside and Glossop