Smirnoff LGBT Foundation partnership

Here you can learn the basics of what it means to be trans so you can become an awesome ally and support trans and gender non-conforming people!

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LGBT Foundation provides a wide range of services for lesbian, gay, bi and trans people. If you need support, we’re here. Find out how we can help you.

Smirnoff 'We're Open' Hub Page!

Smirnoff have launched the next chapter of their “We’re Open” initiative, this page has been produced to support this campaign. Bringing together leading trans and gender-nonconforming artists and performers, together with LGBT Foundation, the campaign aims to spark conversation, create positive change in nightlife culture and lead a movement to make it a more open-minded and socially inclusive space. For more info on the partnership between Smirnoff and LGBT Foundation please visit our partnership page.

The new “We’re Open” film, starring DJ and producer Honey Dijon, French LGBTQ+ icon and leading figure on the Paris Ballroom scene Kiddy Smile, British trans model and dancer Lucy Fizz, performance artist Xnthony and Le Fil, celebrates the role nightlife has in providing inclusion for non-gender-confirming.

After having conducted research, Smirnoff identified that whilst 12% of millennials identified gender non-conforming, society at large still lacks awareness and understanding of the trans communities, with a lack of positive role models in mainstream media. Furthermore, with 3 out of 4 trans people reporting being a victim of a hate crime we both recognised a need to take positive steps to support those communities.

It is a lack of understanding and awareness that contributes to these figures. Please explore the information in this hub and share today to help us spread this positive message!