Pride in Practice Conference

LGBT Health Conference - celebrating 10 years of Pride in Practice

Tue, 23 November 2021, 09:30 – 17:00 GMT - Sign up for free at Eventbrite

The conference will take place at a central Manchester location (TBA)

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LGBT Foundation’s Pride in Practice programme is 10 years old!

Pride in Practice works with healthcare professionals to share knowledge, develop inclusion and build relationships leading to better outcomes for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) communities.

Over the last ten years, Pride in Practice has:

  • Delivering LGBT inclusion training to 10,000 healthcare professionals
  • Worked with 780 primary care services
  • Presented 360 accredited Pride in Practice awards

All of this has improved outcomes in health for LGBT people and this is something worth celebrating!

The Pride in Practice conference will share learning from the last 10 years as well as providing a forum for the further development of LGBT inclusion within healthcare.

This event is for healthcare professionals, commissioners, policymakers, VCSE colleagues and all those with a commitment to an inclusive future where all LGBT people can reach their full potential.

The day will include:

  • Insights from Pride in Practice's 2021 Primary Care Patient Experience Survey
  • Focus workshops on LGBT health including:
    • Challenging the myth that some communities are ‘hard to reach’
    • Forum to discuss the experiences of LGBT communities within primary health
    • Other workshops and seminars featuring experts on LGBT health

****Free Lunch****

  • Networking opportunities

If you have any questions about this event, please get in touch with the Pride in Practice team via e-mail: [email protected]