This Christmas we're competing in PayPal UK's Turkey Dash – a one-of-a-kind festive race on Channel 4 on 15 December involving eight CGI animated turkeys created by the fabulous Aardman Animation Studios.

We're thrilled to have our very own rainbow-tailed turkey representing LGBT Foundation.

Visit and help us change LGBT people’s lives!

By donating to Rainbow Rebel you are helping us improve the lives of the lesbian, gay, bi and trans people we work with.

Whether it’s a friendly face, a cup of tea, the chance to meet new people and make friends, providing support life-saving support to people for people in their darkest hours, to keeping people safe on a night - we’re here for the people that need us.

In the past year we’ve helped provide advice and support to over 100,000 LGBT people, helping making a difference to lives of people like Diana and Andrew.

We’ve helped Diana, a 32 year old trans woman from Manchester.

“I was lost before I found LGBT Foundation, I attempted to take my life over 10 times in the space of 2 years. I lost everything when I transitioned, my job, my family, my wife and my kids but I couldn’t push it down and ignore who I was anymore. I either came out and got the support I needed or I was going to die. LGBT Foundation helped me get the medical support I needed and introduced me to other trans people who were a bit further ahead in their journey. I’ve still got a long way to go but at least I know I’m not alone.”

For Andrew from Bury we provided the support he needed after he was diagnosed with HIV.

“It was my first HIV test in ten years and the shock affected me immediately. I was really worried how my friends and colleagues might react, but what has really helped me was the fantastic support I’ve had since my diagnosis. LGBT Foundation there to help me when I needed it. It’s very difficult to think about the next steps following a positive result but the sexual health team were there to be that helping hand every step of the way.”

Like you, we want to ensure that someone is there for any LGBT person who finds themselves feeling they have nowhere to go and needing help and support.

Help us be there for people like Diana and Andrew.

Kate from our helpline team knows just how important for us be just a click or phone call away from people who desperately need our help.

“It may seem small, but just knowing someone is there to listen and provide support at the end of line can make a huge difference.”

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