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Everyone should feel confident and able to share their sexual orientation and gender identity in the census.

The #ProudToBeCounted campaign has been developed by LGBT organisations working across the country. It celebrates the historical significance of the 2021 Census, identifies the impact that the census data has on our everyday lives, and answers some concerns that LGBT people may have about privacy and data protection.

We want everyone’s voices to be heard in this campaign and for it to reach as many LGBT people as possible. We would love for you to make this campaign your own. Some ideas about how you could do this include:

When sharing the campaign, please include #ProudToBeCounted in your messages. This helps to build momentum for the campaign and allows us to track its performance.

Talk to Your Friends, Families and Communities

We know that social media is not for everyone so we urge everyone to talk to their friends, families and communities about the census and encourage them to fill it in. The information below gives an overview of the key things that you need to know to start having these discussions.

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