Team LGBT Foundation is everyone who helps run our services. From our colleagues and trustees to community organisers and amazing volunteers - we make the magic happen at LGBT Foundation.

Below you can find out who works on the different projects at LGBT Foundation. If you're interested in becoming a colleague check out the job opportunities page or if you fancy volunteering head to the get involved section. Find out more about our trustees here.

If you want to get in touch with anyone below please call 0345 330 30 30 and we'll put you through.

LGBT Foundation Colleagues

Tyler Andrew
Drug & Alcohol Engagement Co-ordinator

Simon Baker
Office Manager

Peter Bampton
Sexual Health Lead

Patrick Baxter
Sexual Health Officer

Hannah Berry
Equalities Research Co-ordinator - Ambition for Ageing

Rachel Bottomley
Assistant Director - Income

Ronit Bowman
IAPT Counsellor

Claudia Carvell
Women's Programme Co-ordinator

Charlotte Cooke
Assistant Director - Services

Rob Cookson
Deputy Chief Executive

Kerry Fennell
Finance Advisor (Maternity Leave)

Bethany Grange
IAPT Counsellor

Andrew Gilliver
Pride in Practice Co-ordinator

Craig Langton
Sexual Health Officer

Aimee Linfield
Pride in Practice Co-ordinator

Paul Martin
Chief Executive

Hazel Mendoza
Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner

Rossella Nicosia
Mental Health Lead

Louie Stafford
Trans Programme Co-ordinator

Michael Petch
Training & Prevention Co-ordinator

Sexual Health Officer

John Walding
Marketing, Communications and Campaigns Manager

Daniel Walsh
Income Generation Coordinator

Rachel Waterman
Director of Operations

Arron Watson
Men’s Programme Coordinator & Wellbeing Officer

Laurence Webb
Pride in Practice Manager

Jessica White
Community Safety Co-ordinator

Gareth Williams
Volunteer Coordinator

Sophie Beer O'Brien
Project Co-ordinator - Wellbeing

Virginie Assal
Women's Programme Inclusion Officer

Allan Smillie

Finance Advisor

Zane Robinson
Trans Programme Assistant

James Huyton
Services Officer - Community Safety

Lauren Duffy
Sexual Health Officer

Kate Nolan
Service Delivery Assistant

Chloe Ravenchester
Service Delivery Assistant

Lawrie Roberts
Macmillan LGBT and Cancer Programme Co-ordinator

Cassie Smith
Trans Advocacy Officer

Emma Meehan
Assistant Director- Insight and Public Affairs

Louise McIvor
Drug and Alcohol Engagement Officer

Ella Mealey
Income Generation Assistant

Tom Moss
Performance Manager

Katie Craven
Motiv8 Link Worker

Aaron Davies
Volunteer Programme Assistant