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LGBT Foundation express concern at the cap on compensation for LGBTQ+ veterans.

Published: December 6, 2023 by mbelfield

The compensation was recommended by an independent review into the treatment of LGBTQ+ people during the years of the gay-ban on military Service by Lord Etherton.

The charity highlights that many veterans who were dismissed, imprisoned or suffered from degrading treatment, including physical and sexual assault, because of who they loved. They continue to suffer from the effects of the ban on their mental health and well-being today whilst many continue to suffer poverty and deprivation as a result of the ban’s impact, at a time when the cost of living continues to increase.

Together with other charity partners, the charity is calling for any compensation to be based on need, rather than capped at £50 million.

Previous compensation caps, such as for compensation for the Windrush Compensation Scheme, resulted in the victims not being adequately compensated, adding to the expense to the taxpayer as schemes had to be revised and compensation significantly increased.

This may be our last opportunity as a community to influence the outcome of the reparations discussions. Our power lies in our strong, spirited, and resilient community coming together to amplify the voices of those that suffered under the unjust policies of the ‘Gay Ban’ so that the Government can hear them. The Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces have worked hard to put together a meaningful and appropriate set of reparations – as a community, we can influence how the Government intend to execute and deliver this.

RAF Veteran, Dr Carl Austin-Behan commented “LGBT Foundation have been working with LGBTQ+ veterans throughout our history, who suffered and continue to suffer from the ban on military service.”

“Their project, Operation Equality, seeks to help veterans affected by the ban, alongside other current and former military personnel and their families. The project has shown many have significant financial and healthcare needs, and those rightly need to be addressed by the Government.”

Operation Equality is a programme that brings all LGBTQ+ people who have served their country together, helping to link the community with hope and joy for the future, whilst improving their wellbeing.

LGBT Foundation is inviting those affected by the news of the cap to contact our helpline on 0345 3 30 30 30.

Operation Equality is a national programme of wellbeing support and activities for LGBTQ+ veterans, service personnel and their families working to reduce isolation and loneliness within the community.

To find more information about Operation Equality, email

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