At LGBT Foundation, we celebrate bi people! Everyone under the bi umbrella is welcome in our spaces.

Our aim is to create a safe, social place for Bi people where they can meet, make friends, and improve their own wellbeing.

Bi is an inclusive term which includes any people with attraction to more than one gender. This includes bisexual/biromantic, pansexual/panromantic, polysexual/polyromantic, omnisexual/omniromantic, fluid, queer, and any other identities that experience attraction to multiple genders. If you fall under the Bi umbrella, or think you might, you are welcome to come along to our Bi spaces!

We’ve got bi events for you! 

We want you to have an opportunity to meet other bi people in a fun, relaxed environment. We host bi centred events both online and in our community hub in Manchester.  

Past events have included: 

  • Bi Film Fest: featuring Kajillionaire, Cicada, and plenty of popcorn! 
  • Bi Talks: a series of online talks putting a spotlight on experiences and stories of different Bi communities.  
  • Biconic Bingo: a fun online bingo featuring bicons!  
  • The Bi Agenda: a social group  

And many more, with future events to come! Email us to find out more.

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