The Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for LGBT Foundation's activities and sets the strategic direction of the charity. Trustees also contribute their knowledge and expertise to the many complex issues the organisation faces.

In addition to Board meetings, Trustees are actively encouraged to join one or more of the Board Sub Committee's which generally meet monthly and look in-depth, specific topics, and develop proposals to recommend to the Board for agreement. Currently the Board Sub Committees include:

  • Finance and Administration Sub Committee (FASC)
  • Performance and Planning Sub Committee (PPSC)
  • Governance Sub Committee (GSC)

The full Board meets quarterly, but it’s Sub Committees often meet monthly. To manage its affairs when not sitting, the Board have three Officers: The Chair, The Secretary and The Treasurer. Each position has one year term of office. All Trustees receive a thorough induction and training.

We occasionally need to recruit trustees. This is a fantastic opportunity to guide LGBT Foundation in its vision of building a fair and equal society where all LGBT can achieve their full potential. If you want to find out about becoming a trustee go to the becoming a trustee section and keep an eye on our social media channels where we will advertise vacancies.

Smyth Harper (Chair)

Smyth has had a varied career in journalism and public relations, working for a range of organisations including the Manchester Evening News, BBC, Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council. He is currently Head of Communications and Engagement for Tony Lloyd, Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

He is an active member of Manchester’s LGBT community. As well as helping to support the economic success of the Village by spending too much money in its venues, he aims to be an advocate for LGBT issues wherever he can. Notably, he volunteers as an LGBT Foundation Village Angel.

An Irishman who has lived in Manchester most of his adult life, Smyth spends too much time on karaoke, not enough time in the gym and a soul-destroying amount of his life humanely euthanizing injured mice and birds brought in by his killer cat.

Matt Webber (Company Secretary)

Matt lives in Manchester with his fiancé. He considers it his adopted home despite being raised in the South of England. He has studied and worked in Greater Manchester, supports Manchester United and is an avid Cold Feet fan. He considers (even if no one else does) himself an ‘honorary Mancunian’.

Matt has been involved in the third sector for a decade, currently managing a Higher Education charity. He is on a national committee of an organisation that provides guidance on volunteering to Further and Higher Education institutions.

Matt got involved in the LGBT Foundation because of its campaigning work and support networks it offers to the LGBT Community and because he wants a fairer, kinder society for his own family too.

Glyn Jenkins (Co-Treasurer)

Glyn has been a Trustee of LGBT Foundation for eighteen years, joining after his retirement from Barclays Bank where he worked as Bank Manager of the organisation.

For the past fourteen years he has worked here in the position of Treasurer, all whilst taking on the heavy load of working in the same position for three other organisations!

When he gets a moment of spare time, Glyn enjoys travelling, cooking, reading and spending time with his grandchildren.

Glyn is also married, and in 2016 will be celebrating his Golden anniversary

Lee Broadstock (Co-Treasurer)

Lee is currently the Equality Officer for the Greater Manchester Police, working with the Equality and Human Rights Commission to ensure compliance with the Equality act, and is a passionate advocate for equality and diversity.

Before joining the GMP in 2007, Lee previously worked in the private sector as a Management Accountant. Working in varied policing roles with responsibility for the city centre and village area, he has worked on tackling hate crime, and helped develop and support the LGBT Angels concept.

Lee currently hosts a monthly hate crime surgery at the LGBT Foundation and is the current Chair of GMP's LGBT support network - 'GMP Pride Network', developing closer LGBT community links and developing a regional and National LGBT Police staff network.

Catherine Poulton

Catherine is now retired, but spent her working life as a Police Officer in Greater Manchester.

She continues her interest in criminal justice through her membership of working groups advising the Crown Prosecution Service and the British Transport Police respectively.

As well as this, she also has an interest in primary health care and chairs the Finance and Administration Sub-Committee at LGBT Foundation.

When not working toward fighting crimes and saving lives, she likes to work on her allotment in Stretford.

Olivia Butterworth (Deputy Chair)

Olivia leads NHS England’s work to ensure that the NHS works with citizens and communities to have a voice that influences the development, design and delivery of our health and care services. Her key responsibility is the development of NHS Citizen which will see a revolution in public participation and transparency. She was named in the HSJs Top 50 Innovators and the Top 50 Integrators in 2014.

Olivia loves being outdoors, particularly night fell running with her rather large dog, Blue. She is a recent convert to Dru Yoga to support her mindfulness and well-being.

Sharmila Kar

Sharmila is a senior HR & OD professional specialising in strategy and people development. She is currently the Director of Workforce & OD at Manchester Health and Care Commissioning. The role is focused on shaping and implementing the strategic direction of MHCC through the development of leading edge organisational development, human resource and equality practices. It also involves working in close collaboration with Health and Care partners in the city of Manchester and GM.

Prior to joining the NHS, Sharmila was the HR & OD Director at Nacro, the largest charity in England and Wales dedicated to reducing crime where she led a major organisational change programme. Sharmila has also headed up the HR and OD functions at the Equality and Human Rights Commission and the Disability Rights Commission.

Sharmila has worked with a wide range of organisations across the public and not for profit sector undertaking a portfolio of HR, OD and Equality related projects including serving on the board of Amnesty International UK.

Originally from India, Sharmila has lived in her adopted city of Manchester for the last 15 years

Simon Bracewell

Simon is the Director of Havas Education, the specialist education marketing division of the Havas group. He has been working in advertising for over 25 years. 1988 saw him dabble for the first time in recruitment marketing. Or job ads, as we called them back then.

Around 17 years ago he joined a team run by the formidable Julie Towers at Riley Advertising in Nottingham. The rest is history, as Riley morphed into the agency now known as Havas People.

With a character only marginally less colourful than his wardrobe*, Simon’s managed teams, departments and regional offices, and worked with clients across recruitment and education marketing. Simon is heavily involved in the LGBT network within the Havas group and helped to recently launch @havaspride

Simon comes from Leeds. His other claim to fame is that he once directed and starred in a TV commercial with Patrick Stewart!

*There is no truth in the rumour that Tim Peake could see it from space. It was the Northern Lights, honest.

Charlie Mallinson

Charlie is a solicitor based in Manchester working for a wide range of clients across the NHS, third sector and beyond and specialises predominantly in commercial real estate. Charlie has spent his entire professional career in law since graduating from Oxford with a degree in modern languages in 2010.

When not working, Charlie can be found playing rugby with the Manchester Village Spartans, playing the piano, or indulging in his love of the Eurovision Song Contest, on which he has given many interviews and even performed the UK’s 2009 entry on German national television (fortunately for Charlie, no footage of this is believed to remain in existence).

Anjalee Pawasker

I live with my partner in Rochdale, am mother of two children, 2 cats and one dog, I am a keen traveller, enjoy upcycling furniture, am in love with vintage china, especially teapots! I work in the Communications and Marketing team at Bolton at Home, the biggest housing provider in Bolton. I have been there for 20 years and before that worked for Shelter, in London.

Love gin hate discrimination. I want to be one of the voices for LGBT Foundation, people who know me know that being heard won't be hard!

I want to be a part of LGBT foundation to help raise awareness and the profile of the amazing work the organisation does. I want to help with the challenges LGBT Foundation faces with a move to a more just and fairer society.

Aderonke Apata

Aderonke Apata is a Human Rights Activist, Feminist and LGBT Equality Advocate who has a BSc in Microbiology and subsequently a Masters of Public Health and Primary Care. She's an LGBTI asylum campaigner for LGBTI people seeking asylum to stay in the UK. Winner Attitude Pride Awards 2017, Winner Positive Role Model for LGBT National Diversity Award 2014, where she was described as “an unstoppable force in fighting for justice”, she is number 41 & 67 on the RanbowList2014 & RainbowList2015 respectively as one of the most influential LGBT people in the UK. Aderonke was named LGBT Heroine of the year 2015 by DIVA Magazine in recognition of her achievements in the LGBT community. Aderonke is the founder of African Rainbow Family, an LGBT group that supports LGBTIQ asylum seekers and people of African heritage in UK and campaigning for the Repeal of the toxic Nigerian Anti-LGBTIQ Law.

Aderonke started the shutdown Yarl's Wood campaign in 2012 from inside the detention centre where she organised and led a demonstration from inside Yarl's Wood detention centre demanding freedom for all. She galvanized and widened her reach to nearly 300 women of all nationalities, religious & cultural backgrounds fighting for their freedom. She stood up proudly and defiantly for her right to be free and for the right of ALL women to equality and freedom. Following her release from detention, Aderonke subsequently founded Manchester Migrant Solidarity, a self help group offering practical supports and building a powerful political voice against the systematic mistreatment of migrants in the UK and continues to campaign for the shutdown of all detention centres.