Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga:

In today’s world we are frequently in a state of stimulation, with little emphasis on quiet and space. Our nervous system's are often over stimulated and it can be difficult to rest and restore balance to ourselves.

This restorative yoga session offers some simple ways to encourage your body to move out of this state into a place of rest and recovery. By setting up the conditions of stillness, warmth, quiet, dark and time, we can allow the body’s own relaxation response to kick in, re-balancing our nervous system. This can replenish energy, calm the mind and leave the whole self feeling more positive.

An opportunity to move in a gentle, safe way, meeting the body where it is.

Time to relax, recalibrate and restore energy.

About Avi:

Avi became interested in yoga 25 years ago. Initially she was looking for a form of exercise but over the years have discovered yoga to be about so much more than the physical postures. During a time of personal stress yoga offered Avi a way to find some calm and when she later began to experience chronic fatigue she returned to a gentle practice in order to help to restore some energy to body and mind. Initially trained in a strong style of yoga, Avi has more recently studied with many different teachers looking for a style of yoga which is both relaxing and empowering. She has now come to teach a style of Hatha flowing yoga bringing together mind, body and breath in a grounding gentle practice which embraces the body where it is today.

What you should wear:

Please wear something that will be comfortable to move in and a layer to keep you warm when you are lying still and relaxing. Please also bring a blanket or large bath towel.

Considerations before booking the session:

You will need to let your body guide you to what is appropriate for you and will be invited to not do anything which feels uncomfortable. In order to attend you will need to complete a medical form so that Avi can be aware of any conditions that would affect what yoga will be appropriate for you. You will receive the form from when you have booked. Please note, you will need to have completed the form before attending the session.

Tickets are Free and available from Eventbrite HERE