Nutrition and its relationship to our Energy

In a world where the internet can be our answer to everything (right or wrong!) this session will look at what is really important in our eating and drinking habits and explore what we can use through evidence-based nutrition to support our energy levels.

Dalbinder will introduce some key principles of nutrition with a focus on eating well for sustained energy throughout the day. She will also talk about how we can support ourselves when under stress and build resilience.

There will be information and ideas on foods to support energy & wellbeing and the importance of not only the food groups but the balancing and timing of meals. Another area she will explore is some of the links between Gut - gut health and wellbeing.

What you will take away:

A renewed perspective on the importance of food in our everyday and some motivation to make some changes along with an understanding of key principles.

Some tips on how to make the changes and how to personalise our nutrition.

About Dalbinder Bains:

Since completing a degree in herbal medicine in 2002, Dalbinder has been running a clinical practice part time, teaching, running workshops and speaking. She furthered my studies in nutrition in 2010 and since has been busy combining my work with caring for a family and elderly parents. Quite a change from a career of over 16 years in banking! Dalbinder is passionate about the human spirit and our innate ability to regenerate and heal ourselves and especially healthy ageing - “Being the best we can be for the longest we can be!” Herbal medicine and food are our natural resources and allies. She offers support and guidance in the “mine field” that is “Natural Medicine” and “Integrative Healthcare,” in the 21st century, focusing on the best of Orthodox medicine with Naturopathy.

Although she has a broad client base, along with working with a local Cancer charity, she works mainly with clients with chronic ill health, in groups and 1:1 consultations along with workshops and seminars. She also enjoys providing support and guidance to peers viaMentoring on behalf of the National Institute of Herbal Medicine and as a Supervisor for the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine.(BANT)

What to consider before booking the session:

Please ensure if you have any medical conditions that you consult your doctor before using advice from this session.

Tickets are Free and available from Eventbrite HERE