Heading for page reads "Including All Women, a simple guide to the importance of working inclusively"

In 2017, the Women’s Programme began a pilot scheme to ensure that our work is relevant and representative of all the lesbian and bisexual women in Greater Manchester. This came about as a result of consultations with the community, and looking at our own data that showed the majority of women accessing our services were mainly white, cisgender and/or young(<50).

In 2019 we produced a resource about the importance of this work, with an aim to share some of the experiences of LGBT+ women with multiple minority identities and experiences. This resource is a result of the learning of the last 3 years and make it accessible to those looking to learn more and/or improve their services.

The resource does not cover all experiences, but hopes to start a conversation about how experiences can overlap, connect and should all be considered when looking to create truly inclusive spaces and services.

The guide can be downloaded as a PDF below or contact women@lgbt.foundation if you are interested in a printed copy.

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Any questions, please email women@lgbt.foundation

Written by Nico Dhillon

Illustrations by Polly Richards