Energy Source

Maintain your positive energy:

In this session, the objective is to learn how to protect your energy and build stronger resilience. Sally will teach self-care techniques to help you recharge your energy throughout the day. Sally's approach is not to direct you to find a dark corner or stop what you are doing, but rather to help you find a way to utilise your ingrained responses to stress, in a way that they will actually be of benefit to you.

The aim is for you to learn new skills to strengthen your resilience and protect your energy so you don’t feel drained through situations that you experience in everyday life.

During this session Sally will also teach the E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) which is an incredible tool being used World Wide because of its success rate. It is being used to reduce and stop anxiety, depression, stress, addictions, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) pain relief, low self-esteem and fear of failure. Find out more on EFT here.

About Sally:

Sally McFerran is a wellbeing and business coach teaching self-care and wellbeing techniques that can help reduce and stop anxieties, depression, panic attacks, addictions, low confidence, PTSD, fear of failure. Wellbeing workshops help individuals build resilience, grow confidence and create new, positive habits.

What you should wear:

Comfortable clothes

Considerations before booking the session:


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