Doing Hope

Doing Hope:

This amazing workshop will remind you just how good it feels, not only to rekindle your sense of hope, but to be a part of a brief moment in time when we experience collective hope, the kind that lifts you up and reinvigorates your soul.

Some people think hope means passively waiting for things to get better. Clare Bonetree thinks of it as a kind of renewable energy: taking action gives us hope, and that fuels us to take action again. This kind of hope is wise, grounded in life experience of trials and joys, and gives us courage to move forward. It’s the kind of hope we need right now!
In this experiential workshop, based on Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects, we’ll renew our courage to hope together, through acknowledging our grief and our gratitude, and sharing our stories of hope in action.

Note: the workshop is designed to keep things light enough for group work, but will include a short section touching on grief and sadness as well as gratitude and joy. You might want to be prepared for this.

About Clare Bonetree:

Clare is an artist and activist with many years’ experience of facilitating creative workshops and events especially in peace, human rights, and environmental movements, and in the UK voluntary sector. She has also been a journalist, a communications worker and a policy officer. She identifies as a bisexual cis disabled woman from a mixed race family, and she is still learning about what all that means. She believes that by making care-full spaces together we make the world we want to live in.

What you should wear:

This is not a physical session, but it’s important to feel comfortable, so wear something that makes you feel like you J

Considerations before booking the session:

N/A although if suffering from severe depression this might not be an ideal workshop.

Tickets are available from Eventbrite HERE