Are you a lesbian, a bi trans woman or a non-binary person* living in Greater Manchester? Then this event is for you!

This event has been designed by the inclusion team of the Women's Programme.

A morning event for you, by you, to talk about you.

It will be a nice conversation about dating and relationships around tea, coffee, fruits and pastries.

=> If you have any access requirements please get in touch with V (

=> We also offer travel bursaries without any condition.

*This event is for all trans women and non-binary people who identify as lesbian or bisexual, all or part of the time, including women of colour, older women, disabled/neurodivergent women, women of all faiths and backgrounds, non-binary/gender fluid people and transfeminine people. We try to make our services welcoming and accessible to all; if you have any specific access requirements, please let us know and we'll try to help.