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We met with Lucy to talk about her experiences of volunteering with both LGBT Foundation's Women's and Trans Programmes, and how Connect was established.


Can you introduce yourself and share a bit about yourself?

Hi, I'm Lucy! I'm a software engineer and a regular volunteer at the LGBT Foundation.

How did you find out about LGBT Foundation?
I first heard about the LGBT Foundation whilst attending a local LGBT group in my area. They informed me of the Butterflies group at the foundation, and while attending this group I was given a leaflet for the TransMission bulletin which also had a volunteer shout-out on the other side. The rest is, as they say, history!

You’re been involved in in a lot of LGBT Foundation’s Trans Programme events. What have you enjoyed the most so far?
I very much enjoyed the voice coaching, it was brilliantly informative and a great way to meet others from the community.

You’re one of the founders of Connect. Can you tell us how the group came about?
Connect came about after Peter, the Trans Programme Assistant, had received significant interest in a trans group for young adults. Realising there was a need for such a group Peter sent a shout-out to those interested asking if we'd like to get together and discuss setting up the group. From there we arranged our own meetings to organise what was needed, and before long we saw Connect come to life!

How has volunteering affected your health and wellbeing?
I've found volunteering has helped boost my confidence whilst being a great way to get in touch with the LGBT community and to give back.

What advice would you offer someone questioning their gender identity or newly out as trans?
There are going to be hard times, but you have to be true to yourself; it'll all work out eventually, and you'll be so much happier for doing it!