In the Village

Village Clean-Up

The Village Clean Up programme is a community initiative, run by LGBT Foundation, to keep Manchester’s historic Gay Village clean! The Gay Village is the heart of Manchester’s LGBT population and serves as a social and community space. As it gets busy at ther weekend, it can become untidy and littered due to the large amount of visitors. The Village Clean Up programme aims to keep The Gay Village clean, safe and welcoming for all visitors.

Volunteers and staff will be heading out into The Gay Village to clean up the village in teams of 3-6 people. As well as working on the shift, it is also an opportunity to socialise and engage with the local community. All volunteers will be provided with litter pickers, gardening gloves and coats if they need them. All volunteers are provided with travel expenses and lunch is provided.

This is a fun opportunity for those of you that enjoy the outdoors and working as part of a close-knit team.

If you'd like to get involved with the Village Clean-Up, please contact

Village Angels

The Village Angels programme is a street-based safety initiative which involves teams of trained staff and volunteers heading out into The Gay Village at peak times during the weekend to support our community in a variety of ways. The aim of a Village Angel is to advocate safety whilst upholding a positive, non-judgemental, non-authoritative and supportive approach.

Regular shift times are currently Friday evening (9pm-3am) and Saturday evening (9pm-3am). The Angels are also active on other key calendar dates such as Manchester Pride and Sparkle.

The main focus of the ‘Village Angels’ project is to be a positive presence in the Village, providing support, services and resources to those that need them. Our interactions are varied! Some examples of the stuff we do includes: giving out information on venues around the Village, offering basic advice on alcohol, supporting someone to report a hate crime or incident and helping someone get home.

For volunteers with a background in healthcare or community safety, your skills can be put to use by providing basic first aid, signposting, mental health advice and drugs and alcohol advice..

The role of a Village Angel is incredibly varied, and there is never a dull moment whilst out on shift! We require volunteers that are outgoing, positive, empathetic and must be able to be flexible and productive in a changeable and sometimes challenging environment. Team work is at the centre of the ‘Village Angels’, you will need to take instructions from the team lead and show willingness to help out with your team mates.

Find the role profile here.

Village Haven

he Village Haven is a night time safe haven, which operates from 11pm to 5am every Friday and Saturday night in the Gay Village in Manchester. Located in the Beacon at 45 Bloom Street, the Village Haven is a safe space for people who are unable to keep themselves safe to be supported to get home without coming to harm

This includes people who are vulnerable as a result of alcohol or drug consumption, or people who are highly distressed. This also includes people who may need to charge their phones to get home safely, or who have lost their belongings, and need to contact someone. Within the Village Haven, the volunteer team will work with individuals to assist them in whatever way they require to ensure that they get home safely.

Find the role profile here.

The Village Haven is a partnership project between LGBT Foundation, Serenity Security, and Barnabus (who have kindly allowed us to use the Beacon for the service).

If you'd feel you'd like to get involved in the Village Angels or the Village Haven, please submit an application form and return to